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A satin-weave cloth, usually made of mercerized cotton and often treated with high-luster and crease-resistant finishes.



a sateen-weave fabric made from cotton or synthetic fiber. Sateen has a smooth, silky face dominated by the weft. The fabric, which is generally uniformly dyed, printed, or bleached, is used for making dresses, men’s shirts, and linings.

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This market, DWI Holdings will show five new Royal Sateen collections that feature yarn-dyed jacquards.
Linen sheets, in green, as well as sateens and percales, in neutral colors are among Divatex's new creations.
April introductions and is sticking to 320-thread-count sateen for its four ensembles.
NEW YORK-Revman's showroom was abuzz with the first look at the new Posh line, a high-end sateen bedding brand the company is designing, marketing and distributing for Pakistan-based Rupafab.
As a place to start, Consumer Reports defined basic categories of muslin, percale (subdivided into percale and high-count percale) and sateen.
Or won't make certain fashions consumers clearly favor, such as the knitted sheets and bedding and the sateens.
Many said discount chains were not ready for sateens they could expect to sell in quantity.
Now, the sateen cottons are their premium sheet line in 230 counts sale priced mostly near $9.
Discount chains who years ago would never expect to carry sateens are now their chief sellers in units at these popular prices.
I'm asked what price points should be on the sateens, how much of a premium they should be over the 180 and 200 count blends.
There's little new in the sateen marketplace that makes this kind now more useful, but its revamped pricing that for the first time brings quality solids under $10 twin, about half what shoppers saw such sateens sold before.
And quality cotton sateens in 230 count featured in ads from $8.