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Moreover, any diagnostic report should be also accompanied by further well-known microstaging attributes, such as Clark level, mitotic count, lymphovascular invasion, perineural infiltration, ulceration, satellitosis, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, and, if available, sentinel lymph node status (10, 11).
Furthermore, satellitosis, occasional neuronophagia, single-cell necrosis of Purkinje cells (patients 2 and 4), loss of hippocampal pyramidal cell layer (patient 2), focally extensive hemorrhage (patient 2), and lipofuscin deposition were found.
Even if this case may take place in the presence of huge blood platelets and their satellitosis, the most frequently seen factor is aggregation of thrombocyte (pseudothrombocytopenia).
The physical exam delineated a 7.2 cm mass filling the entire inguinal canal with skin satellitosis. The mass was resected and found to be a malignant PEComa.
This includes patients with T3 (>5 cm) or T4 tumours (chest wall fixation or skin ulceration and/or satellitosis) and N2/N3 disease (matted axillary and/or internal mammary metastasis).
Isolated foci of lymphocytic perivascular cuffing were present in the cerebrum, and mild neuronal satellitosis was present throughout the brain.
Likewise, few brain sections showed satellitosis and definite rod shape neurons and, the later kind of neurons markedly appeared as slender or pole shape under light microscope.
Giant pyogenic granuloma on face with satellitosis responsive to systemic steroids.
Oligodendrogliomas are part of the infiltrating glial neoplasms and, as such, are characterized by secondary structures of Scherer, which are perineuronal satellitosis, perivascular satellitosis, subpial aggregation, and infiltration of white matter tracts.
Very important gliosis in the brain were presented, with neuronofagia and satellitosis figures, as well as cytoplasmic tigrolisis and acidophilia.
Other incidental lesions diagnosed were lipoma (5%) of the brain, myocardial degeneration (5%), and satellitosis of the heart (5%), ovarian cyst (5%), and urinary bladder cystitis (11%), found in a few animals only, were distributed randomly in the control and PAP-dosed groups.
Platelet satellitosis with spurious thrombocytopenia and neutropenia.