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Later in book 3, Browne explicitly satirizes James I through his description of King Oberon.
Can't we get beyond, finally, I mean can't we get under our skins." The other side of the same paradox is that Rushdie's book ultimately bends to the very notions it satirizes, and he begins to resemble the jargony professors and sound bite makers he ridicules.
Satire seems a natural for his impish wit and gift for precise movement, and Mood Swing satirizes the manic-depressive quality of modern society, using often hectic Jazz Age clarinet music by Morton Gould.
In the column and in her books and television commentaries, she satirizes domestic crises and family relationships from the stance of a suburban housewife.
Like Mikhail Zoshchenko, Iskander satirizes bureaucracy and official - dom, using phrases and terms plucked from government; this has made him unpopular with the censors.
His sculpture satirizes itself in the act of satirizing the unresolvable standoff between art and life.
A stylized burlesque, this play satirizes the tendency of the successful bourgeois to abuse his authority and to become irresponsibly complacent.
This classic story satirizes the high society of New York Wharton knew so well.
It's hard to think of any other film that both satirizes and simulates the inertia and banality of life amid the late-'60s counterculture.
The New Bath Guide; or, Memoirs of the B--r--d Family (1766) satirizes various aspects of Bath life.
He satirizes the ranting plays, vulgar audiences, inaudible music, and critics.
The novel satirizes primarily the rule of political upstarts, of whom the scalawag Teague is chief.