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a. of or relating to lead
b. having or symptomatic of lead poisoning
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

There are many common terms and expressions that originate in the science of the stars. Saturn rules, among other matters, sour and depressed dispositions. Hence, someone with a dour, melancholy temperament is sometimes called saturnine.

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Trumbull was to have the gold-headed cane and fifty pounds; the other second cousins and the cousins present were each to have the like handsome sum, which, as the saturnine cousin observed, was a sort of legacy that left a man nowhere; and there was much more of such offensive dribbling in favor of persons not present-- problematical, and, it was to be feared, low connections.
His lank limbs were clad, I might also say clutched, in very tight grey sleeves and pantaloons; he had a long, sallow, aquiline face which seemed somehow all the more saturnine because his lantern jaws were imprisoned in his collar and neck-cloth more in the style of the old stock; and his hair (which ought to have been dark brown) was of an odd dim, russet colour which, in conjunction with his yellow face, looked rather purple than red.
"It occurred a thousand miles to the westward of Manatomana, on the island of Tagalag," he continued abruptly, with an air of saturnine disappointment in that there had been no discussion.
The contempt which fell upon the Puritans as a deposed and unpopular party found stinging literary expression in one of the most famous of English satires, Samuel Butler's 'Hudibras.' Butler, a reserved and saturnine man, spent much of his uneventful life in the employ
In front of the large hall fire, over which hung the colonel's sword, the process was completed and the company, including the saturnine Crook, presented to Sir Leopold Fischer.
Grave in exterior, saturnine by temperament, formidable by his physical means, and dangerous from his lawless obstinacy, his self-constituted tribunal excited a degree of awe, to which even the intelligent Middleton could not bring himself to be entirely insensible.
'Tuning up, Quantz?' he asked with saturnine bonhomie.
"Idan framed the emptiness of vast expanses of gray, what appear as night skies broken by flickers of light, saturnine textures, vacant public spaces.
But he is neither perturbed nor depressed by the saturnine fear of this reality because he endorsed and consigned his life to it.
Despite his saturnine appearance, he was the kindest and most gentle man I'd ever met.
The saturnine lead actors -- lip-biting human Kristen Stewart and neck-biting vampire Robert Pattinson -- were almost unknown.