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seasoning or flavoring composition, usually in liquid or semiliquid form, used as an appetizing accompaniment for meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. Sauces, an important feature of quality cookery, especially in France, have often been named for the chefs who created them. Sauces may be classed as hot and cold; and divided again, the hot as white and brown, the cold as the mayonnaise type and the type used for coating cold foods and often containing gelatin. Hot sauces, made with a base of flour, fat, and milk or stock, may be varied by seasonings and added ingredients. Stewed fruits, such as apple and cranberry, are sometimes classified as sauces. Commercial sauces, which are finely blended extracts of various fruits and vegetables with vinegar and condiments, include Worcestershire sauce, Leicester sauce, chili sauce, creole sauce, soy sauce, Tabasco, and catsup. Sauces for puddings and desserts include syrup, custard, fruit, and creamed sauces (hard sauce and wine and brandy sauce).
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His mother is alarmed at the sauciness of the boy and is quick to rebuke him: "A parlous boy
In this day and age we live in a society which is much more broadminded than in the past and a degree of sauciness is accepted.
The character of Miss Jane Pitmann, in her sauciness and her self-deprecating humor, invokes elements of popular humor as well as of traditional African-American storytelling, yet her character turns these materials toward the requirements of her role as an agent of social change.
Inevitably the songs he fed into his shows lacked the ephemeral sauciness of his best work.
all Sullenness, all Sauciness, all Impudence in your Deportment towards your Masters (or Mistresses) is to be abominated.
Both depressing and somehow uplifting, its sheer sauciness means that adults-only certificate is fully earned.
Yet one of the problems with this kind of book is, while authors have no trouble with the sauciness, they usually struggle with the sport.
IT'S famous for sauciness and stag nights and has more visitors than the Taj Mahal," says actor-turnedpresenter Warwick Davis.
The chicken karai, served sizzling, was rich and saucy - though the sauciness may have been down to a slightly stingy amount of chicken.
Writers Damon Beesley and Iain Morris are in potty-mouthed form, orchestrating crude scenes that will have you laughing and cringing in equal measure, but they aren't afraid to occasionally put a stopper in the sauciness for a moment of poignancy.
Sir Adam wants to stage "the sexiest Cosi that ever was", and there's quite a bit of nudity and sauciness from a strong British cast.