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seasoning or flavoring composition, usually in liquid or semiliquid form, used as an appetizing accompaniment for meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. Sauces, an important feature of quality cookery, especially in France, have often been named for the chefs who created them. Sauces may be classed as hot and cold; and divided again, the hot as white and brown, the cold as the mayonnaise type and the type used for coating cold foods and often containing gelatin. Hot sauces, made with a base of flour, fat, and milk or stock, may be varied by seasonings and added ingredients. Stewed fruits, such as apple and cranberry, are sometimes classified as sauces. Commercial sauces, which are finely blended extracts of various fruits and vegetables with vinegar and condiments, include Worcestershire sauce, Leicester sauce, chili sauce, creole sauce, soy sauce, Tabasco, and catsup. Sauces for puddings and desserts include syrup, custard, fruit, and creamed sauces (hard sauce and wine and brandy sauce).
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The early postcards often featured local landmarks and landscapes, but things started getting saucy in the 1930s with graphic artists like Donald McGill, Tom Browne, Phil May, Will Owen and Harry Rountree and David Phil Millar.
Bamforth was founded by James Bamforth, a portrait photographer who later specialised in lantern slides and then published the first of his saucy seaside postcards in 1910.
In winning a high profile interim injunction against Aldi over the launch of their Saucy Fish Fillets.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ever So Saucy Foods by Chef Frank, the new brand of handmade, all natural and tradition-inspired fine prepared food line, will debut on QVC Jan.
In contrast, one of her saucy self-published snaps captures her happily showing off a pink garter and racy stockings with a 'Penny Pulse' name badge on her nurse's outfit.
The man behind the saucy spin on art is Miami-based entrepreneur Justin Price, who dreamt up the 'Provocative Impressions' gallery to give art-lovers - and fans of the girls - something to cheer about.
And while this gown looks quite demure from the front, when the actress turned to the side the key hole cut outs exposed her super-toned torso while keeping her saucy bits covered.
Mel and Jack caused a storm after posting saucy messages to each other on Twitter.
Summary: Sean Bean can't stop getting saucy about the Sheffield-based condiment Henderson's Relish.
The Saucy Fish Co is to make its debut on national TV after sales soared by up to 300% in the wake of a regional TV ad earlier this year.
Chris Wall has two strong chances on paper - Oh So Saucy and Strike A Deal - in the 1m handicap at Yarmouth (3.
SINGER KT Tunstall was warned off any saucy bedroom antics in a hotel - because the public could see into her room.