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(sauries), a family of fishes of the order Beloniformes. Body length, up to 45 cm. The dorsal and ventral fins are on the posterior half of the body; behind the dorsal and anal fins there are between two and seven small fins. The family has two genera, Cololabis and Scomberesox. The genus Cololabis has two species, the Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) and the dwarf saury (C. adocetus), which are found only in the Pacific Ocean. Scomberesox has one species, the Atlantic saury (Scomberesox saurus), which is encountered in the Pacific, Atlantic, and southern Indian oceans.

In the USSR the Pacific saury is found in the Sea of Japan, near the Kuril Islands and along Kamchatka; the Atlantic saury is encountered rarely in the Barents and Black seas. Sauries are distributed in open seas in temperate latitudes, inhabiting surface waters. They stay in schools. Spawning is in batches, and fertility is up to 22,000 eggs. Sauries, which feed on small zooplankton, serve as food for many commercially valuable marine animals. Of all sauries, the Pacific saury is of the greatest commercial value.


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The number, size, and location of fishing grounds for Pacific saury are largely affected by oceanographic conditions (Yasuda and Watanabe, 1994; Kosaka, 2000; Tian et al.
OFUNATO, Japan - Fishermen in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, on Monday sent off their first direct shipments of saury this season, seeing it as a symbol of recovery from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March.
2003; Jones & Wallace, 2005; Saury & Durand, 1998) which has suggested that formal coaching education programs fail to provide adequate practical experience and mentoring opportunities for aspiring coaches.
The results showed that (a) they validate, invalidate, or construct new knowledge during matches in response to the uncertainty of the dynamic situations they encounter (Seve, Saury, Ria, & Durand, 2003; Seve, Saury, Theureau, & Durand, 2002), (b) their interpretations are embedded in a dynamic of constructing meaning (Seve, Saury, Leblanc, & Durand, 2005), and (c) they attempt to influence opponents' judgments (Poizat, Seve, & Rossard, 2006).
Last year, Russia gave South Korea permission to fish for saury in the waters, which drew repeated Japanese protests in connection with the sovereignty issue.
If the next round of talks break down, an agreement by the end of the year will be unlikely, and there will be little hope that Japan and South Korea will be able to start saury fishing operations in each other's zones from early next year.
Japan and South Korea started a two-day meeting on Thursday in Seoul to set the terms for fishing operations for next year in each other's 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone, including controversial saury catches by South Koreans.
The research programs, conducted under the International Convention for Regulation of Whaling, are meant to analyze reproduction activities of whales and their consumption of marine resources such as saury, sardines and squids.
Following his journey into adulthood, where his status hinges on his expertise as a fisherman, life is marked by the passing of the seasons and the battle for survival; the fishing for squid and sardines in spring; the silver schools of saury in the wet season; and octupus in autumn.
Little is known about murrelets foraging habitats, though available evidence indicates that they rely primarily on larval fish, including anchovy, saury, and rockfish (Hunt et al.
salt cooked food extra, beef meat boneless (hip part) thermal condition: frozen, pork meat boneless (ham, without skins) thermal condition: frozen, natural saury with the addition of oil