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(sauries), a family of fishes of the order Beloniformes. Body length, up to 45 cm. The dorsal and ventral fins are on the posterior half of the body; behind the dorsal and anal fins there are between two and seven small fins. The family has two genera, Cololabis and Scomberesox. The genus Cololabis has two species, the Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) and the dwarf saury (C. adocetus), which are found only in the Pacific Ocean. Scomberesox has one species, the Atlantic saury (Scomberesox saurus), which is encountered in the Pacific, Atlantic, and southern Indian oceans.

In the USSR the Pacific saury is found in the Sea of Japan, near the Kuril Islands and along Kamchatka; the Atlantic saury is encountered rarely in the Barents and Black seas. Sauries are distributed in open seas in temperate latitudes, inhabiting surface waters. They stay in schools. Spawning is in batches, and fertility is up to 22,000 eggs. Sauries, which feed on small zooplankton, serve as food for many commercially valuable marine animals. Of all sauries, the Pacific saury is of the greatest commercial value.


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The agreed-upon limit is much higher than the previous year's total Pacific saury catches, which amounted to approximately 437,000 tons, making the limit more of a symbolic move than a practical constraint, according to NHK.
Due to the lack of local studies on the effect of display conditions in Tripoli fish markets on fish sensitive to histamine production, this study was carried out to determine temperature, total aerobic plate count and histamine producing bacterial count in samples of sardines, saury, bouge and mackerel displayed for sale in three fish markets in Tripoli city during the period July - December of the fishing season.
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The number, size, and location of fishing grounds for Pacific saury are largely affected by oceanographic conditions (Yasuda and Watanabe, 1994; Kosaka, 2000; Tian et al., 2002), and the significant effect of environmental factors on abundance of Pacific saury was evident in the unexpected drop in both the catch and catch per unit of effort in 1998, following a period of high abundance (Tian et al., 2003).
OFUNATO, Japan - Fishermen in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, on Monday sent off their first direct shipments of saury this season, seeing it as a symbol of recovery from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March.
The results showed that (a) they validate, invalidate, or construct new knowledge during matches in response to the uncertainty of the dynamic situations they encounter (Seve, Saury, Ria, & Durand, 2003; Seve, Saury, Theureau, & Durand, 2002), (b) their interpretations are embedded in a dynamic of constructing meaning (Seve, Saury, Leblanc, & Durand, 2005), and (c) they attempt to influence opponents' judgments (Poizat, Seve, & Rossard, 2006).
chain in a private label line of mackerel, yellow fin sole and Pacific saury. An added benefit of being able to eat the bones is that it greatly boosts the intake of calcium, up to 600 mg in a serving of sole.
For everyday meals, Japanese people generally used other fish, such as sardine, mackerel, horse mackerel, or saury. Due either to a cultural shift or simply a change in taste preferences, people now eat tuna sashimi more frequently than ever before Sashimi is sold virtually everywhere, despite international concerns about tuna over-harvesting.
Springwood Boys responded to last week's reverse by beating Cantril Farm St Brigid's with goals from Joe Booth (2), Dayle Clifford (2) and Alan Saury.
Japan and Russia on Friday ended fishery negotiations without an accord on saury fishing in controversial waters around four Russian-held islands off Hokkaido that are claimed by Tokyo, Japanese officials said.
Japan and South Korea ended two-day fishery talks Tuesday without reaching agreement on specifics such as quotas for saury catches inside each other's 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zones.