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alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of the juice of the grape. Wine is so ancient that its origin is unknown. The earliest archaeological evidence of winemaking dates to 8,000 years ago, and wine is mentioned in early Egyptian inscriptions and in the literature of
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There are many to choose from, but Sauternes is the king, the intense, rich wine from Bordeaux made from strange, shrivelled, 'nobly' rotten grapes.
19 March 2012 -- The board of directors at Swiss private banking group Julius Baer (VTX:BAER) named Daniel Sauterne as non-executive chairman after Raymond Baer decided to step down from the post of chairman, Reuters reported on Monday.
Las Bodegas del Rosario contaban entre sus productos los siguientes tipos: vino blanco seco, jerez, sauterne, el ajerezado ligeramente dulzaino, el tinto seco, tinto carlon, tinto dulzaino, tinto malaga y vino madeira (Lopez Portillo, 1994).
On her website,, she suggests matches for such oddities as nachos (zinfandel), bacon and eggs (semidry sauterne), Rice Krispies squares (off-dry Riesling) and Oreos (vintage port).
Micha Veadia, the winemaker with a big smile and chuckle, quips, "Hezbollah, not great shots." In some bewilderment, we continue our tour of the winery, taste a very clean fruity pinot noir, a merlot, a syrah, a blockbuster, fruit, fat round cherry (the kind us fruit-forward types like, no Bordeaux finesse for me!), a Golan Late Harvest Gewurztraminer successfully masquerading as a Sauterne. As we left the tasting to walk the vineyards northwest, I saw two flags on a hill about 500 yards from us among the vines.
included reference to the 'choicest collection of rare old Wines ever offered in Melbourne, Including Fine old port, sherry, madeira, malmsey, claret, sauterne, bucellas, &c., ages ranging from '47 to '75'.
The range now includes Glenmorangie Lasanta, finished in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks; Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, matured in port pipes; and Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or, matured in French sauterne wine barriques.
Now he had increasing abdominal pain which he at first attributed to the sauterne, cheese and cucumber consumed that evening while at the theatre (1).
A bottle or two of dessert wine such as Port or Sauterne makes a nice addition, and of course bubbly--Champagne or other sparkling wine fills almost any need, including a special event.
The sweet Sauterne wines come from 100 hectares at the chateau in Bordeaux which has been making wine since the 12th Century.
Way back in 1935, a cooking wine called Regina Cooking Sauterne printed a recipe on its label for Fish Fillets Sauterne, which "may well have been the first recipe your mother (or grandmother) ever prepared with wine," Dyer wrote in introducing the dish.