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, Save
a river in SE Europe, rising in NW Slovenia and flowing east and south to the Danube at Belgrade. Length: 940 km (584 miles)



(also Sabi), a river in Rhodesia and Mozambique. It is 640 km long. It originates on the Matabele plateau and empties into the Indian Ocean. The water level is highest in the summer (December through February), when the lower course of the river is navigable by small vessels. The Save is used for irrigation.


An assembler for the Burroughs 220 by Melvin Conway (see Conway's Law). The name "SAVE" didn't stand for anything, it was just that you lost fewer card decks and listings because they all had SAVE written on them.


(editor, programming, storage)
To copy data to a more permanent form of storage. The term is commonly used for when some kind of document editing application program writes the current document from RAM to a file on hard disk at the request of the user. The implication is that the user might later load the file back into the editor again to view it, print it, or continue editing it. Saving a document makes it safe from the effects of power failure.

The "document" might actually be anything, e.g. a word processor document, the current state of a game, a piece of music, a website, or a memory image of some program being executed (though the term "dump" would probably be more common here).

Data can be saved to any kind of (writable) storage: hard disk, floppy disk, CD-R; either locally or via a network.

A program might save its data without any explicit user request, e.g. periodically as a precaution ("auto save"), or if it forms part of a pipeline of processes which pass data via intermediate files. In the latter case the term suggests all data is written in a single operation whereas "output" might be a continuous flow, in true pipeline fashion.

When copying several files from one storage medium to another, the terms "backup", "dump", or "archive" would be used rather than "save". The term "store" is similar to "save" but typically applies to copying a single item of data, e.g. a number, from a processor's register to RAM.

A "save" operation saves the document in its native format, e.g. a proprietary word processor format, whereas "save as" (or "export") saves the same data in a different format, e.g. a plain text file.


To copy the document, record or image being worked on to a storage medium. If the file has already been created on the hard disk, saving updates the file by writing the data currently in memory (RAM) to the disk. All modern applications prompt the user to save data upon exiting if the user has made any changes to them.

Save to Disk
All processing is done in memory (RAM). When the processing is completed, the data must be placed onto a permanent storage medium, which is generally the hard disk. In the past, it might have been magnetic tape. See Save As.
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"I would also want to appeal to all the members of the public to give us information at hand whenever they see something that is suspicious to enable us act and save the situation," he said.
June And, at the end of the process, you might decide to go your separate ways, but at least you will do that knowing you gave it everything and did as much as you could to save the situation. Finally, please don't worry about the big wedding or your parents - when this kind of thing happens, people are kind and will want to support you.
He appealed to the Sindh governor, chief minister, Local Government minister, Industries and Commerce minister, and Karachi's commissioner to immediately take the required corrective measures and save the situation of SITE Super Highway Industrial area from the utter crash.
In a powerful statement of his faith in his players' ability to save the situation, the 36-year-old insisted a part of him was enjoying the crisis engulfing the club - and the chance to prove critics wrong.
Strong political will is needed to save the situation. But the ground reality does not make us hopeful.
The pilots and crew of this flight were able to save the situation, and land with all its passengers completely unharmed.
He was unable to save the situation, and Wenzel took the blue to win the frame 61-28 and his first Junior Championship title.
The only way to save the situation, he said, was for the new police commissioner to persuade the community or exert full authority over them.
In a bid to save the situation, Kuriakose said on Monday that he had solved all misgivings with the bishop.
They should have taken decisions in time to save the situation on every front," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.
Some out-of-the-box measures are needed to save the situation," a senior finance ministry official with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
Only a consensus based agenda could save the situation, he declared.