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sawhorse, sawbuck

A four-legged support, usually used in pairs, to hold wood while being sawed.
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In the context of working with firewood, pallet forks on your bucket make for a handy, motorized sawbuck.
Grapes from estate vineyards go into three of the company's five wine brands: Arsonist, Matchbook and Sawbuck.
This sawbuck setup saves a lot of time and backbreaking, unnecessary work.
In some cases these sections were essentially tree-length logs while at other logging operations these sections were the final log products (depending on whether the logging operation was running a sawbuck at the landing or manually bucking).
The Sawbuck app is designed to let users search the Multiple Listing Service for homes for sale, open houses and recent sales.
Online real estate broker Sawbuck Realty has launched the first location-aware mobile real estate search website, allowing homebuyers to quickly search for homes from any web- enabled phone.
A double sawbuck maybe for cab fare to Kings County emergency.
Online real estate broker Sawbuck Realty launched its e-commerce service in Dallas Friday, a month after receiving $2 million in financing from Dallas Morning News parent A.
Steve Lopez, the gifted Los Angeles Times columnist who compensates for his indifferent reasoning skills with a heart as big as West Hollywood, wrote movingly of the decline in business at Beverly Boulevard's famed El Coyote restaurant, whose manager had given a sawbuck to Yes on 8.
Regardless of whether you choose the traditional sawbuck packsaddle, an early 20th-century design, or the modern adjustable style, it's important to understand that unlike a rider who shifts his or her body and position around on a horse, pack loads are dead weight.
It remains to be seen whether there are enough individuals interested in sending a sawbuck to help a movie get made.
Home cold blue won't look as good as a KG finish or rust blue, but cold blue kits are less than a double sawbuck as a rule.