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sawhorse, sawbuck

A four-legged support, usually used in pairs, to hold wood while being sawed.
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Sawbuck is the first real estate broker to establish mortgage alliances not to profit, but to save buyers money.
The operator reported having 14 years of experience running the loader and sawbuck.
They open their homes to total smelly strangers,'' Sawbuck said.
Whether searching for a home from the couch or car, the Sawbuck app allows users to take full advantage of their device's GPS and social media capabilities.
Logging companies using selected equipment Type of equipment Small Medium Large Total (%) (a) Felting Chain saw 48 28 2 78 Feller-buncher 14 8 6 28 Skidding Cable skidder 46 30 2 78 Grapple skidder 12 18 8 38 Forwarder 0 2 0 2 Bulldozer 14 10 2 26 Bucking Chain saw 8 2 0 10 Sawbuck 48 34 8 90 Loading Knuckleboom loader 52 38 10 100 Road building Dozer 55 34 9 98 Excavator 0 2 0 2 Trucking Triaxial 22 12 2 36 Triaxial with loader 20 6 2 28 Triaxial with pup 8 14 2 24 Tractor trailer 24 18 8 40 (a) If the total percentage is greater than 100 for a category, it simply means that some of the companies use more than one machine in that category.
Thus far our sawbuck is of the very common design and build.
In Phoenix, a Sawbuck advisor then connects buyers with experienced, local real estate agents at Russ Lyon Sotheby's, and streamlines their transactions.
In working with Sawbuck, buyers will receive the lowest mortgage rate and have access to the best real estate data and tools when searching for their dream home.
We hope to get around to making a sawbuck pack saddle this winter.
Sawbuck streamlines the home buying and selling process, without asking customers to compromise on either service or cost.
Sawbuck helps consumers start their home search online, where they can search by property type, neighborhood or address to find homes for sale, local market stats and recently sold properties.
In conjunction with the launch, Sawbuck closed a $2 million series A financing led by A.