sawn face

sawed finish, sawn face

The surface of any stone which has been sawn, e.g., sand-sawn, shot-sawn, etc.
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The new sign is made from a single slab of Yorkshire stone with the legend on the sawn face.
A sliced face layer led to lower cupping deformation than a sawn face layer.
EWF manufactured in Canada typically uses a sawn face layer (Fig.
In the first experimental design, the face layer consisted of a sawn face component in thicknesses of 2.
Table 5 presents the analysis of variance (ANOVA) results for the first experimental design, which considered the effects of the thickness of a sawn face component and the density of the fiberboard (MDF or HDF) substrate on cupping deformation in EWF.
According to this graph, and within the limits of this study, the best EWF construction made with a sawn face component was that combining the highest HDF density and the thinnest face layer possible.
This observation suggests that the selection of HDF as a substrate in EWF made with a sliced face component is not as important as for EWF made with a sawn face component.
The effect of the process is well illustrated in Figure 5, where EWF cupping amplitude for a sliced face layer is roughly one-third of what it is with a sawn face layer.
As shown in the table, melamine-impregnated paper helps to decrease the cupping in the construction setup using a sawn face component.
5-, 3-, and 4-ram-thick sawn face components, as well as 1-, 2-, and 2.
A sawn face layer will generate a higher level of cupping deformation (up to three times more than a sliced component), a thinner face layer inducing a lower degree of cupping deformation.
1 Replacement pavers 15 x 15 thickness 10 to 12 cm 2 cleaved faces and two sawn faces (Price No.