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The pieced blocks are made from Four-Patches and a twist on the traditional Sawtooth pattern.
Caption: Yearly cycles The Keeling curve's sawtooth pattern reflects plants in the Northern Hemisphere (which has more plants) taking up more C[O.
The vehicles move up, down, and laterally in a sawtooth pattern through the water by changing their buoyancy and using their short wings to provide lift.
This length can be added with a sawtooth pattern or some uncoupled tuning.
But he also noticed that the upward curve of CO2 concentrations had a sawtooth pattern.
Interest in counterterrorism thus produces a sawtooth pattern, and the policy priority and resources devoted to it tend to follow that pattern.
For many materials useful to engineering applications, like metals, the stick-slip sequence creates a sawtooth pattern that reflects the force of friction.
In Essay on Photography for Hollis Frampton, 1965, for example, the sawtooth pattern formed by four staggered columns of typewritten words evokes Constantin Brancusi's Endless Column and several early Andre sculptures, such as Pyramid, 1959, and Cock, 1963, which took the Brancusi as their lodestar.
But according to Equation (6), we should not expect the sawtooth pattern to exist on the TSX.