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Because the kernels of various scalers cause blurring effects like a low pass filter (LPF), blurred edge data are more frequently found in the resized image as the scaling ratio increases.
The DCT-IF especially has remarkable performances in comparison with other conventional interpolation methods such as bilinear and cubic convolution at an arbitrary scaling ratio.
However, in various applications using up/down scalers, the interpolation filter would resize the resolution of the original image at an arbitrary scaling ratio, where the coefficients of DCT-IF should be calculated at each interpolation position.
The scaling ratio [alpha] based on n and [DELTA] is estimated using the following formula:
These factors provide the scaling ratio of each direction.
The dimensions of the apparatus for the base runs were scaled down by a scaling ratio factor of 1 to 4, and total energy loss across the access hole was measured.
The product of this impedance ratio and the one chosen to remove the unwanted element becomes the overall scaling ratio. This ratio may be specified as 1.0 if desired.
Table 2 shows the scaling ratio between the natural dam and experimental dam.
Natural dam (mm) Experimental Cumulative dam (mm) content (%) 0-40 0-2 18 40-100 2-5 28 100-200 5-10 60 200-400 10-20 90 400-800 20-40 100 Table 2: Scaling ratio between the natural dam and experimental dam.
As shown in Table 2, two scaling ratios (400,800 and 400, 540) are used for the top and bottom lengths of landslide dam, respectively.
(4) Find the mean and variance of F(b) for subband b over a certain number of successive FFT windows, called scaling ratio. The default value of the scaling ratio is 16
Problems of Reducing Dimensionality Using Scaling Ratio. Conceptually we may increase the scaling ratio (given in Section 2) to reduce the number of descriptors during computing them.