scaly anteater

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scaly anteater:

see pangolinpangolin
, armored, toothless mammal of tropical Asia and Africa. Pangolins range in length from 3 to 6 ft (90–180 cm) including the long, broad tail. Their snouts are narrow and pointed.
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Living/sleeping Burrows: A total of N= 104 permanent/ sleeping burrows of Scaly anteater were found at fifteen different sampling sites (Table 3) while N=71 were quantified from six different sites (Table 1).
What is the alternative name for the scaly anteater?
HER assertion that those who revered the scaly anteater had much in common with the admirers of Abraham and the worshippers of Christ caused disquiet in certain circles.
In Search of the Pangolin: The Accidental Eco-Tourist isn't, as its title may suggest, a book describing a quest to see an elusive scaly anteater. Rather, it concerns the authors' exploration of ecotourism.
There's even a mammal with scales--the pangolin (PANG-guh-lin), which is some- times called a scaly anteater. Believe it or not, the scales on that pangolin mom and her baby are made from a weird, extra-hard form of hair.
Besides the exterminator and the woodchuck, the termite's natural enemies, my book says, are the leopard toad, the scaly anteater, the goatsucker, and the bat.
According to the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines, the Chinese vessel F/N Min Long Yu may have been carrying as many as 2,000 pangolins, also known as the scaly anteater. The insect-eating animals were discovered with their scales already removed, AP reports.
15 What is the one-word common name for the African and Asian creature also known as the scaly anteater?
Altaf Hussain Sheikh, Manager Conservation Sindh WWF-Pakistan said that pangolin, a scaly anteater, is hunted for its scales, which are sold for illegal trade and export from Pakistan at lucrative price.
MANILA -- The Chinese fishing vessel found carrying thousands of kilos of scaly anteater meat that has been removed from the Tubbataha Reef in Palawan where it ran aground two weeks ago is now in the provincial capital of Puerto Princesa City where the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) will conduct an inventory of its cargo.
The six-month-old scaly anteater foraged on a hillside, building up strength in a tiny step for a campaign to save one of the world's most heavily trafficked mammals.