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Offering a best-in-class sonar solution, the ECHOMAP Ultra series has built-in support for Garmin's crystal-clear Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar as well as the Panoptix LiveScope series, including the new single- array LVS12, that delivers live scanning sonar images of structure, bait and fish swimming below and around the boat in real time.
The equipment provided for the Falcon was arranged by Saab Seaeye's Spanish distributor, Casco Antiguo, and includes: high definition video camera, scanning sonar, MicronNav system for tracking in very shallow water, a sample scoop, five-function manipulator and rope cutter, it stated.
The popularity of this high definition side scanning sonar prompted Hummin-bird (Down Imaging) and Lowrance (DownScan) to turn their transducers downward, in combination with their side scanning systems.
It offers compact forward-looking imaging sonar, microbathymetry systems and 3D scanning sonar. BlueViewa[euro](tm)s advanced sonar systems are currently deployed on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), surface vessels, andfixed and portable platforms, and have been adopted by manufacturers and service providers to support mission critical marine operations.
As well as the HD-SDI coax or fibre output option, the company displayed a new pan and tilt unit, five new lamps, 625 and 525 line versions of the new OE13 124 BIT low-light underwater camera and two new Mesotech scanning sonar heads at its booth.
The craft contains side and front scanning sonar. It uses inertial guidance and GPS tracking to navigate and to reunite with the submarine.
For the UUV Raytheon selected BAE Systems Underwater Systems' Archerfish, which operates in a similar manner to the Seafox, has twin propulsors and carries a scanning sonar, lowlight level television and Eurenco shaped charge.
Her job on HMS Coventry involved scanning sonar screens for enemy submarines.
This led to several other experimental developments, such as presentation of a scanning sonar image (much like a ship's radar display) on the skin (Brabyn et al., 1981).
VX-1's first major contributions to the fleet were scanning sonar, surface radar, helicopter dipping sonar and hunter/killer ASW tactics.

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