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We would like to thank all staff involved in the collection and analysis of the soil samples included in the SCARP. It was a very significant undertaking that involved many hours of field work, soil sample preparation, sample analyses and data collation and interpretation.
The Swiss bank had "poor systems" in place and failed to maintain adequate records regarding its advice on Scarps between January 2007 and December 2009, during which time customers invested more than pounds 1bn in the product, the FSA said.
Indirect pieces of evidence come from morphostructural analyses of the scarp and truncating valleys, as well as from clearly marked breaks of slope, drainage basin asymmetry, and the course of topolineaments which display different properties in each of the six main fault segments of the SMF.
Out of about 24 Nautile dives, 13 were focused on the scarp face itself.
(1) Bokhari (1980) noted that the waterlogging relief provided by SCARP tubewells seemed to vanish whenever a tubewell had to be abandoned (such as from high salinity or mechanical break-down).
Due to the power suspension the consumers of Saddar Road, KTH, Islamia College, PAF, Tehkal Payan,Warsak-1, 2, Palosi-1, 2, ICF-1, 2, Scarp, University Town, Mall Road, Tehkal, PAF Base, CAA, Kochian-1, 2, Mathra 1, 2, Safdarabad, MES, Shaheen Foundation, Swat Scout,Colony-2 and Shahi Bala feeders would face inconvenience.
Researchers who located and studied the scarp sites with the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on MRO reported the findings today in the journal Science.
Just below the rim crest is a steep, bright scarp, Vh km high, and below it are the terraces that widened the original diameter of the crater.
The Gharbina village which is badly affected during slump should be permanently evacuated because the northward drift of the main scarp of the slump and southward movement along transverse