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Now, Hadsel's search has culminated in a splendid volume of essays and color pictures, Suspended Worlds: Historic Theatre Scenery in Northern New England.
Dare I suggest that beautiful scenery, to the people responsible for the proposal to build these turbines, is merely a big pile of banK notes - preferably belonging to them
Over the weekend, the company moved the scenery from their Weddington workshops into the venue for the forthcoming Pied Piper of Hamelin show.
The scenery is stunning - coming round corners and suddenly having a vista or artwork.
Despite being set in Korea, the actors playing the Koreans had few speaking parts and were usually just part of the scenery.
Every country has its own identity and sovereignty, the recent chatter about changing the scenery in Switzerland for mosques and minarets is quite offensive.
Riders enjoy the Ceredigion scenery - all for a good cause It's in memory of the late Meinir Pugh who died of Breast Cancer in April last year.
3 : a person's usual surroundings <I need a change of scenery.
Locals say she never stopped taking photos of our gorgeous Irish scenery.
The six-year-old was moved by his owners, the Cereal Partners, from Mick Channon's yard after failing to sparkle last season, in the hope that the change of scenery could improve his form.
But this time it will not be full of shoestring special effects, wobbly scenery and wooden acting.