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1. any synthetic, semisynthetic, or natural chemical substance used in the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of disease, or for other medical reasons
2. a chemical substance, esp a narcotic, taken for the pleasant effects it produces
3. drug on the market a commodity available in excess of the demands of the market


Any substance used internally or externally as a medicine for the treatment, cure, or prevention of a disease.
A narcotic preparation.


principle of evil. [Zoroastrianism: Leach, 325]
See: Evil


The interpretation of drugs in your dreams depends on the relationship you have with drugs in your daily life and whether they are doctor prescribed or not. If you are a drug user, then the drugs are an extension of what you normally do, and you need to look at the other details of your dream to get a good interpretation. However, if you use drugs rarely or never, then this dream could represent a need to get well, to escape from daily stress, and a desire to get quick relief. The drugs could be suggesting a need for healing and getting in balance. Your unconscious mind may be suggesting outrageous things in hopes that you get the message to “have fun, dream dreams, and get out of your own head!” Please keep in mind that the purpose of dreams is to raise our consciousness and to assist us in having better lives. The message in the dream about drug use is most likely not encouraging you to use drugs but it may represent a need to feel better or get better.
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From my experience, education, training and/or study, I know it to be quite common for those involved in the illegal trafficking/furnishing of scheduled drugs to possess, maintain and keep with them, near them, and/or in their residences business records and journals relating to the trafficking and/or furnishing of scheduled drugs....
Keep meticulous records of scheduled drug prescribing, dispensing, receipt on the nursing station, change of shift and administration, and reconcile any discrepancies immediately when they are detected.
He admitted during a hearing that he had missed scheduled drug tests.
By making steroids a scheduled drug, Congress recognized the seriousness of the steroid problem and enhanced the ability of law enforcement to address the problem.
McElroy is that although these two trials have convinced her that sibutramine is first-line pharmacotherapy in BED on the basis of its efficacy and tolerability, she can't prescribe the appetite suppressant except with great difficulty because in Ohio it's a scheduled drug. "We've really got to get sibutramine unscheduled in Ohio," she said.
The company has already scheduled drug store openings for Birmingham, Montgomery and Pace, Ala.--as well as one in Navarro Beach, Fla.
The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) placed it on Category I of scheduled drugs in 1985.
Unprecedented among hospice and palliative care EMRs, this in-workflow integration will give clinicians using mumms Hummingbird EMR seamless access to prescribe both legend and scheduled drugs without exiting the EMR, saving them time and improving the comfort and safety of their patients.
'In 2017, it was announced that annual price increases for scheduled drugs (those that are essential for treating serious illnesses) will be limited to 50% of the increase by the consumer price index, up to a limit of 4%.
The allegations were that Ayala had possessed not scheduled drugs but marijuana in sufficient quantity to qualify for a mandatory five-year sentence.
Since there are now so few GPs, the public have decided to treat themselves by buying drugs over the counter (even scheduled drugs as supervision is poor).
Undoubtedly, there will be individuals who choose to not prescribe scheduled drugs due to the new regulations.

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