schematic drawing

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schematic drawing

[ski¦mad·ik ′drȯ·iŋ]
(graphic arts)
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Schematic drawing

Concise, graphical symbolism whereby the engineer communicates to others the functional relationship of the parts in a component and, in turn, of the components in a system. The symbols do not attempt to describe in complete detail the characteristics or physical form of the elements, but they do suggest the functional form which the ensemble of elements will take in satisfying the functional requirements of the component. They are different from a block diagram in that schematics describe more specifically the physical process by which the functional specifications of a block diagram are satisfied.

An electrical schematic is a functional schematic which defines the interrelationship of the electrical elements in a circuit, equipment, or system. The symbols describing the electrical elements are stylized, simplified, and standardized to the point of universal acceptance (Fig. 1).

In a mechanical schematic, the graphical descriptions of elements of a mechanical system are more complex and more intimately interrelated than the symbolism of an electrical system and so the graphical characterizations are not nearly as well standardized or simplified (Fig. 2). However, a mechanical schematic illustrates such features as components, acceleration, velocity, position force sensing, and viscous damping devices. See Drafting, Engineering drawing

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schematic design phase

The first phase of the architect’s basic services. In this phase, the architect consults with the owner to ascertain the requirements of the project and prepares schematic design studies consisting of drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the project components for approval by the owner. The architect also submits to the owner a statement of probable construction cost.
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