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1. Psychol denoting a personality disorder characterized by extreme shyness and oversensitivity to others
2. a person who has a schizoid personality
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a constitutionally and genetically determined type of personality characterized by autism (that is, preoccupation with the self and alienation from the external world), emotional coldness combined with marked vulnerability, and the predominance of abstract thinking. It is often associated with an asthenic body build.

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Moreover, personality disorder renders the treatment of a co-existing psychiatric or medical condition more com plex, longer and less li kely to be successful.5 ICD-10 divides personality disorders into 9 subtypes i.e., paranoid, schizoid, dissocial, emotionally unstable - impulsive type, emotionally unstable-borderline type, histrionics, anxious (avoidant), anankastic and dependent personality disorders.2
In the MCMI-III, scores indicating pathological personality traits were obtained (scores between 75 and 85) in the schizoid (1) and depressive (2B) personality profiles, as well as high scores in the negativistic (8A) and avoidant (2A) profiles.
The relationships found with the extroversion dimension facets indicate magnitudes above 0.20 with avoidant, schizoid, and histrionic categories, being negative with the first two and positive with the last; also, three facets had negative magnitude and above 0.25 with the schizotypal category.
Conversely, persons affected by schizoid, schizotypal, and avoidant disorders shun activities that require interaction with others, whereas those who suffer from paranoid disorder are deeply distrustful of others.
So, it can be expressed that smart girls are healthier than smart boy and get lower mark in depression and schizoid.
If odd beliefs are endorsed by a larger group, then the beliefs cannot be considered disordered." It is, therefore, questionable, although not impossible, to interpret the two brothers' retiring, private lifestyle as indicative of a schizoid personality.
Paranoia can also merge with the schizoid typology where a strong persecutory complex develops.
The first proposal, which would reduce the number of personality disorder types available in the DSM-5 system, appears to have been motivated by the relative paucity of contemporary research about the histrionic, schizoid, and dependent personality types.
The following chapter, on schizoid pathology, explores the idea that a central feature of the schizoid's fantasy world is the wish to die and be reborn.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has turned in one of the best Jekyll and Hyde performances since Spencer Tracy took on the schizoid role in 1941.
Even the villain, Robertson Creake, becomes sympathetic after a fashion, with his schizoid delusions.
The doctor divides his offices into "Drear" (the average patients) and "Spells" (the affairs), which makes fora fine physical model of his split self and incipient schizoid tendencies.