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Most necessary reform: Getting the government out of schooling may be optimal, but there is little chance of implementing that without a long intermediate stage where the government stops providing school through government-owned facilities staffed by government employees, but still subsidizes K-12 schooling through vouchers or tax credits.
Gatto quit teaching--after being named New York City Teacher of the Year three times and New York State Teacher of the Year once--with a Wall Street Journal op-ed denouncing government schooling.
The most common theme is child safety--equating home schooling with child abuse in the minds of uncritical readers.
In 2003, CBS news aired a series about the "dark side" of home schooling, and in 2004, Law and Order--Special Victims Unit featured a home-school child abuse story.
Branson, Tomlinson's successor as principal of the graded school for white children, went to Georgia where he headed a graded school before moving on to a career in the education department at the University of North Carolina; and Josephus Daniels headed for Raleigh where he parlayed the editorship of the Raleigh State Chronicle and later the News and Observer into several plum positions in the state and national Democratic Party and where he strenuously advocated expanded public schooling.
Most importantly, "every child regardless of birth or fortune" received "equal advantages" in their schooling.
Instead, it reflects the requirement that school counselors link interventions to the mission and purposes of schooling while holding themselves accountable for their contributions to student outcomes.
These initiatives are also grounded in principles of social justice and represent interest in tying school counseling program development to the central premises and purposes of schooling.
These changes will prove as pathbreaking as mass public schooling was a century ago.
Schooling, then, would ultimately introduce into the family wage economy a powerful new element in the socialization of children - for schooling defined and regulated childhood and youth as discrete, sequenced phases of preparation for adulthood.
Too much schooling too little education: A paradox of Black life in White societies.