scientific application

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scientific application

An application that simulates real-world activities using mathematics. Real-world objects are turned into mathematical models and their actions are simulated by executing the formulas.

For example, some of an airplane's flight characteristics can be simulated in the computer. Rivers, lakes and mountains can be simulated. Virtually any objects with known characteristics can be modeled and simulated.

Simulations use enormous calculations and often require supercomputer speed. As personal computers became more powerful, more laboratory experiments have been converted into computer models that can be interactively examined by students without the risk and cost of the actual experiments.
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Among them, the Global FFT is widely utilized in important scientific applications, such as climate modeling, which is critical to tackling environmental issues, and solid-earth geophysics, including seismic analysis, as well as designing of new materials.
The companies will also develop scientific application notes for difficult or novel applications using the products.
But our customers do not want just leading-edge digital solutions - they want both digital and silver-halide film technologies that work together in familiar and productive ways for each printing, publishing, commercial, and scientific application. We think imaging producers who have not integrated both will fail.
A sublease of 50,000 s/f of the HIP space by research and engineering company, Scientific Application International Corporation in March, absorbed the final portion of the roughly 130,000 s/f HIP had available since it relocated to 55 Water Street nearly two years ago.
The database structure has been completely re-designed, the data converted and loaded into a relational database management system, and scientific application modules were created to analyze the results of database searches.
Narens presents alternative forms of probability theory for philosophic and scientific application, emphasizing understanding the limits of natural generalizations of standard probability theory, the relationship of these generalizations to logic, and their applications to behavioral science and other sciences.
Many chapters include sample lesson plans as examples demonstrating the creative and scientific application of a model, strategy, or method.
Argo's first scientific application is well in hand, however.
We have assembled a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, applied mathematicians, scientific application domain experts, and quantum computing researchers, Lougovski said.
Department of Energy (DOE), announce their interest in receiving applications from multi-institutional interdisciplinary teams to establish scientific application partnerships under the SC-wide Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program in the area of integrated simulations for fusion energy sciences.
The subject of the order is the delivery of a notebook for scientific applications for the faculty of production and logistics engineering at the opole university of technology.
Used in filter and pipette tips, solid-phase extraction microplates and cartridges, BioVyon has found a niche with many blue-chip chromatography suppliers and manufacturers for the benefits it offers--particularly in demanding scientific applications. The co-sintered products are made using a solid-state media created from an ultra-pure and highly modified polymeric material with the lowest levels of extractables and leachates.

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