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(science and technology)
A person having the training, ability, and desire to seek new knowledge, new principles, and new materials in some field of science.

What does it mean when you dream about a scientist?

As a learned person who discovers, invents, and develops new ideas, the scientist represents experimentation and invention. In the popular mind, the scientist also symbolizes eccentricity and absentmindedness.

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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) has recently announced the final results of Productive Scientists of Pakistan for 2017 and placed Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) chairman at top position as being the most productive scientist of Pakistan in field of agriculture.
She pulls out one of the cryovat's precious contents: a frozen sample of animal tissue that had been sent to her by a scientist that was working in Asia.
By contrast, only one scientist on the panel can be said to be "environmental" in orientation.
He's the lead scientist with the Stardust project and a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Whether it was a sea trial, a rotation at the ship-yard where the engineers directly worked on the equipment, or the Scientist to Sea program, these experiences had memorable and motivating impacts on the engineers.
An astronomer is a scientist who studies the planets and the stars.
A university scientist helped provide the teacher with ideas to frame the research in the context of the most current knowledge and need for additional research about the environment.
Crucial for the success of these meetings were the in-depth and sometimes personal interviews that were conducted with each scientist prior to the meeting.
Yet neither is a practicing scientist, and both were widely known to oppose stem-cell research.
The new On Demand offering can connect outside businesses with Big Blue's consultant/research scientist teams in a couple of different ways.
This one will be an asteroid "with our name on it," in the words of David Morrison, a scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center and one member of a small community of astronomers, physicists, engineers, and other scientists who think a lot about such an unthinkable event.

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