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What does it mean when you dream about scissors?

A dream that emphasizes scissors can have a variety of different meanings. Scissors can be used in construction or in destruction. We could be cutting the umbilical cord (asserting our independence) or cutting ourselves off from someone.

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Flight maneuvers performed by aircraft engaged in close air combat. The aircraft cross each other like two halves of a scissor, then reverse into each other and try to make the other overshoot. The aircraft normally end up doing low-speed maneuvers, and thus greater pilot skill is required to handle the aircraft at these speeds.
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"Yes; I cut them out with my scissors, and paint the faces and some of the costumes.
It was indeed an amazing place, when one considered that it was all made with scissors, and the visitors were not only greatly interested but full of admiration for the skill of little Miss Cuttenclip.
"But what you are really looking for is the centre page of the Times with some holes cut in it with scissors. Here is a copy of the Times.
A large towel was spread over his lap, and a shower of stiff hairs, like bits of copper wire, was descending on it at every snip of the scissors.
Miss Jenny repaired to the kitchen, scissors in hand, found the brown paper and found the vinegar, and skilfully cut out and steeped six large plasters.
went the great scissors again while Tom was speaking, and he couldn't help feeling it was rather good fun; Maggie would look so queer.
"You'll catch it, you know," said Tom, nodding his head in an admonitory manner, and hesitating a little as he took the scissors.
I speak to those who know the satisfaction of making a pair of scissors meet through a duly resisting mass of hair.
As a tigress whose cub had been threatened would she appear, coming out of the shadows, steal- ing noiselessly along and holding the long wicked scissors in her hand.
The collar was a little jagged at the edge, and so came the long scissors to cut off the jagged part.
"Do you seek my hand?" said the scissors; for she was angry; and without more ado, she CUT HIM, and then he was condemned.