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They may be filled with parenchyma contesting with the sclerenchymatous wall of the endocarp, or more commonly are empty at maturity.
Each is encased in a thin membrane that is in contact with sclerenchymatous tissue ventrally but with parenchymatous tissue or a larger lacunal area on its dorsal side.
Sclerenchymatous cells are observed at the borders only.
Large VBs are with large and wide sclerenchymatous strands on the upper and lower surface.
Hypodermis (H)###Jinhui-2###Four or five layers of closely spaced globular unidiomatic lignified sclerenchymatous cells###Fig.
(2006), the labelling reads as follows: nuc--remains of the nucellus; ifl = remains of the inner fleshy layer (parenchymatous) layer (endotesta); scl = middle sclerenchymatous layer (sclerotesta; off--remains of the outer fleshy (parenchymatous) layer (sarcotesta).
sclerenchymatous bundle sheath (Nectandra amazonum, Eugenia inundata).
parenchymatous sarcotesta, the middle sclerenchymatous sclerotesta
Botanically, a fiber is a special type of cell (sclerenchymatous)
occur in stegmata overlying sclerenchymatous vascular bundle sheaths,
Vascular bundles are embedded in the mesophyll and supported by a sheath of sclerenchymatous fibers.