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A blind spot or area of depressed vision in the visual field.
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a blind area within the visual field, not affecting the surrounding area of the eye. Physiologic scotoma is that area of a healthy eye’s visual field corresponding with the optic disk, which does not have photoreceptors. Pathologic scotoma is a diagnostic symptom of many diseases, including retinitis and atrophy of the optic nerve. It is perceived as a dark spot (positive scotoma) or as a blank spot (negative scotoma) that can be detected only through special testing. During teichopsia (scintillating scotoma), which lasts 20–30 minutes, flickering is perceived along the eye’s periphery; the condition is usually accompanied by persistent headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Treatment of scotoma is directed toward the underlying disease.

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Visual field showed an absolute central scotoma and a slightly increased defect in the superior hemifield.
Humphrey 30-2 Sita Standard and Goldmann threshold visual field testing confirmed bilateral paracentral scotomas in all patients that remained stable throughout follow-up (Supplementary Figure 3).
Visual acuity is usually normal in patients with HH except in cases where the optic tract is affected, while reading impairment (hemianopic alexia) occurs by a loss of parafoveal field (parafoveal scotoma).24 LogMar charts provide the visual acuity assessment for distance and reading as logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution.
An analysis of 132 images indicated that many people wear the device near or overlapping their pupillary axis (a line perpendicular to the surface of the cornea, passing through the center of the pupil), which may induce scotomas and interfere with daily function.
Central scotomas were noted on confrontation, but HVF showed bilateral, inferior altitudinal field defects.
The disappearance of visual scotoma and arthralgia came next, which led to hospital discharge as soon as the 15-day antimicrobial treatment was concluded.
The Bjerrum relative scotoma in the formation was seen as well as Rene's nasal step, which corresponded to the localization of retinal hemorrhages in her right eye.
Several types of visual field defects have been observed, such as blind spot enlargement, constriction of the peripheral visual field, and central scotomas [1].
Central visual field characteristics, including fovea and central scotoma characteristics, were measured with a scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) (model 101, Rodenstock; Munich, Germany).
She denies scotomas, headaches, allergies, and other systemic symptoms, including musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, or genitourinary symptoms.
Each chapter describes a unique perceptual phenomenon: attention; automatic mechanisms, including aftereffects for color, motion, and tilt; singularity and multiplicity; forced seeing; looking without seeing; damage to brains, including visual agnosias and deficits such as scotomas, blindsight, and problems in allocating attention correctly, as in neglect, extinction, and Balint's syndrome; and evolutionary influences.
The two forms of age-related maculopathy--exudative and nonexudative--are capable of affecting the macula, with potential symptoms including decreased contrast sensitivity, decreased visual acuity, abnormal adaptation to the dark, and central or pericentral scotomas (Jager, Mieler, & Miller, 2008).