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(1) Extracting data from output sent to the screen or printer rather than from the original files or databases. Scraping is a way to obtain data from any source without having access to the original file, but only at the time it is being printed or displayed Scraping differs from capturing the screen. A screen capture creates an image of the screen, whereas scraping extracts the actual text. See screen capture.

(2) Extracting email addresses or other data from websites or search engine results. The data may be sold to spammers or criminals, or it may be reorganized and presented on a website along with ads to derive income.
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the cutting or shaving of thin metal particles from the surface of a workpiece with a scraper. Usually performed after finishing the workpiece on a metal-cutting machine tool, scraping makes it possible to fit contacting surfaces to each other or join them with a hermetic seal.

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Each buck stopped to sniff the scrape, and each one also sniffed the scented rope.
During the peak rut, I still have a few cameras on scrapes, even though scraping is typically taking a backseat to travel routes.
As I approached this monarch of the oak woods, I realized that once again my early-season patterning and scrape hunting had paid off.
"They're leaving all these different forms of scent at the scrape," Kelly said.
Each patient was subjected to Pap smear, colposcopy directed scrape cytology from abnormal/ suspicious areas and colposcopy directed punch biopsy from abnormal/ suspicious areas after Colposcopic VIA (Visual inspection with acetic acid).
In each case we made a naked eye diagnosis from examination of the excised specimen before examining scrape cytology, after surgical removal, the lump was thoroughly inspected and palpated first as such and then it was bisected.
First, scout out a few areas where you have seen scrapes in the past or, even better, are already seeing them pop up.
The integrity of DNA from cervical scrape and plasma samples was evaluated by amplification of a 171-bp fragment from the HBB gene as DNA quality indicator.
I planned to scrape from the top of the antenna, while AN Garcia scraped from the bottom.
First, scrape off as much of the old finish as you can with a paint scraper.
Then the non-stick came off so that each time I wanted breakfast I had to scrape the bacon off.
That means any grit or sand on the rods will scrape or cut seals when the rod is extended or retracted.