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(1) Extracting data from output sent to the screen or printer rather than from the original files or databases. Scraping is a way to obtain data from any source without having access to the original file, but only at the time it is being printed or displayed Scraping differs from capturing the screen. A screen capture creates an image of the screen, whereas scraping extracts the actual text. See screen capture.

(2) Extracting email addresses or other data from websites or search engine results. The data may be sold to spammers or criminals, or it may be reorganized and presented on a website along with ads to derive income.



the cutting or shaving of thin metal particles from the surface of a workpiece with a scraper. Usually performed after finishing the workpiece on a metal-cutting machine tool, scraping makes it possible to fit contacting surfaces to each other or join them with a hermetic seal.

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Whether you own an Acura or an Aston Martin, our partnership with Scrape Armor means Tint World(R) customers will be able to protect their automotive investment from the ground up before they end up causing damage.
An overly large scraped area or bowl-shaped appearance screams that the scrape was used a lot the previous year.
The buck has glands in his hooves, so that scent is in the scrape.
Aims of the study: (1) To establish scrape cytology techniques as a routine procedure for diagnosis of surgical specimen; (2) To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of scrape cytological techniques in the diagnosis; (3) To study the merits and pitfalls of scrape cytological techniques in the diagnosis; (4) Correlations of findings of scrape cytology with histopathological findings.
First, scout out a few areas where you have seen scrapes in the past or, even better, are already seeing them pop up.
DNA quality in both plasma and cervical scrape isolates was evaluated by amplification of a single-copy gene (HBB).
At least then I will be able to listen to his cheery music while I scrape off my breakfast bacon.
You simply apply the masking formula to the glass with a pad applicator, then after painting, scrape it off with a dull blade (included).
Rust, like grit and sand, will scrape and cut the rod's seal.
At best they scrape a hole in the frost on the windscreen.
He sets up seven yards deep directly behind the nose, which allows him to scrape inside out on most plays.
They used their technology to scrape and repackage content from EContentMag.