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(1) Extracting data from output sent to the screen or printer rather than from the original files or databases. Scraping is a way to obtain data from any source without having access to the original file, but only at the time it is being printed or displayed Scraping differs from capturing the screen. A screen capture creates an image of the screen, whereas scraping extracts the actual text. See screen capture.

(2) Extracting email addresses or other data from websites or search engine results. The data may be sold to spammers or criminals, or it may be reorganized and presented on a website along with ads to derive income.



the cutting or shaving of thin metal particles from the surface of a workpiece with a scraper. Usually performed after finishing the workpiece on a metal-cutting machine tool, scraping makes it possible to fit contacting surfaces to each other or join them with a hermetic seal.

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Screen scraping involves capturing data from a legacy application in order to display it using a more modern user interface, but it could be used to gather business intelligence or to steal data.
Web scraping is growing at an alarming rate and if left unchecked, it is just a matter of time until all sites with useful content will be targeted by competitors harvesting data," said Robert Kane, CEO of ScrapeDefender.
The recognition of bearings by means of a CCD line sensor and the automation of scraping works.
At no time during this process was I contacted, either by the technology company or the third party for whom they did this scraping.
Add six ounces of the butter in several stages, scraping down the sides of the bowl between each addition.
Scraping, constantly scraping, that's the guiro player's life, and he earns his pay scraping, constantly scraping.
Furnace walls, floors and doors were scraped to remove aluminum oxide, often scraping off the refractory material in the process.
The most significant element of the bill would be that it bans "dry scraping or sanding of lead-based paint or paint of unknown lead content in any dwelling unit.
This includes scraping or flicking off the stinger with something like a credit card, a fingernail, or a knife.
Sanding and scraping will only blanket the nursery in lead dust.
Contract notice: Supply of steel snow removal elements scraping rubber winter equipment, pigging elements polyurethane rubber rollers for bib, metal products, paints and other materials for the general council of the lozere

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