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(1) Extracting data from output sent to the screen or printer rather than from the original files or databases. Scraping is a way to obtain data from any source without having access to the original file, but only at the time it is being printed or displayed Scraping differs from capturing the screen. A screen capture creates an image of the screen, whereas scraping extracts the actual text. See screen capture.

(2) Extracting email addresses or other data from websites or search engine results. The data may be sold to spammers or criminals, or it may be reorganized and presented on a website along with ads to derive income.
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the cutting or shaving of thin metal particles from the surface of a workpiece with a scraper. Usually performed after finishing the workpiece on a metal-cutting machine tool, scraping makes it possible to fit contacting surfaces to each other or join them with a hermetic seal.

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Methods: Corneal scrapings were collected from fifty patients who were clinically diagnosed as infective keratitis by Ophthalmologist on clinical examination.
If competitors are scraping our information and then using it to gain an advantage, it creates a challenging business problem for us.
The recognition of bearings by means of a CCD line sensor and the automation of scraping works.
Saudi Aramco received a certificate for being the first company to use this mothballing and scraping process.
We, on the other hand, have been forced by the Health and Safety Executive to stop bowing and scraping in case someone sprains an ankle.
The Higher Hamburg Court found that websites scraping Ryanair's website in order to resell flights at higher prices is unlawful in Germany.
The problem is that these blades are really sharp when new and they can damage the plaster underneath if the wallpaper's thin or if you're not careful when scraping. If you're worried about this, traditional wallpaper scrapers with non-replaceable, triangular-shaped blades are less sharp.
If they are scraping only when it's convenient, then scrapes only tell us which travel routes a mature buck might be using The scrape doesn't serve as an endpoint, but rather as one point in a line.
Scraping the surface with an increasing normal force, the bottom of the ditch as well as the ridges of the two shoulders, becomes rough.
Unfortunately, I sometimes don't get to the scraping task for a day (week!) or two, and by then the paint has hardened and doesn't come off so easily.
Von Plessen both applies paint and removes it, often scraping his wet canvases so hard that an imprint of the stretcher beneath is visible.

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