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Members of the society will be displaying their pastels, watercolors, oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, sculpture, collages and scratchboard art for the annual juried show, which will take place this weekend, May 17-19.
'Thick, textured paint in shades of brown, peachy beige, and bluish grey, detailed in black line and frequent scratchboard like technique, sets off the rich, fiery tone of Fox's fur and allows readers to sense the excitement and danger that his presence engenders in Magpie' (Scheps, 2001).
It is also an art primer with its subject, swirls, gloriously presented as finely lined scratchboard illustrations.
Third went to William Storm of Ashland for his scratchboard "Flat Head III."
An original tale set in the American Southwest and features scratchboard pictures as big and gentle as their oversized subject.
For example, teachers will want to explore Brian Pinkney's signature scratchboard renderings done in oil pastels and the unique style of Brian Selznick who portrayed the entire life story of opera singer Marian Anderson in beautiful shades of brown.
Rendered in a black and white scratchboard technique, evocative of the German Expressionists and the picture novels of Lynd Ward, Otto Nuckel and Frans Masereel in the 1920s and 1930s, the first panel includes a vintage photograph of 10-year-old Artie posing with his mother in a bathing suit, which segues into a drawn self-portrait of a gaunt Spiegelman in prison garb (referring to his brief stay as a teenager in a state mental hospital) with the speech balloon: "In 1968 my mother killed herself ...
The techniques she has used include char coal sketches and scratchboard abraded with steel wool or sandpaper on which paints are introduced and layered.
Now the images are drawn by Lorrie LeJeune, an O'Reilly editor in Cambridge, Mass., who makes an initial sketch before transferring the image to a scratchboard (a piece of cardboard coated in white clay and then in ink).
Scratchboard illustrations by Evan Cantor accompany the text.
Students created a symmetrical border design on 11 x 14" (28 x 36 cm) scratchboard that incorporated three African symbols or design influences.
The crisp, clear language is echoed in Vladyana Krykorka's dramatic pen and ink scratchboard drawings which act as visual signposts punctuating the essential theme of each chapter.