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scratch tool, scratcher

Any hand tool for scratching plaster to provide a mechanical bond for the following coat of plaster, such as a drag or devil float.
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Big Lots, the lawsuit says, has been selling a cardboard scratcher with a fishbone on its sides from Pet Luv Products LLC of Peninsula, Ohio, that is "confusingly similar" to Cat Claws' product.
Minus 300 degrees, everything is freezing," said Scratcher.
A Swedish Scratcher outlines some information about her/his country and then invites other Scratchers to share information about their countries, as a form of intercultural exchange of knowledge and information.
Self-directed and social tools appear to allow for a bit more "innovation and creativity," which seems to hold true for the scratcher tool.
In the suit, Hoover seeks to act as a virtual representative for those who purchased tickets in the game he did, as well as for "many thousands of Virginia citizens" who in the last five years bought scratcher tickets for games in which all of the grand prizes had already been awarded.
He initially shrugged off the gesture and stored the gadget on a shelf but began to notice that back scratchers come in all shapes and sizes.
STAMP OF APPROVAL: Postman Pat and his beloved Jess; PURR-LEASE HELP US: Animal Trust's Jacqueline wants Minky, Scratcher, Gilly and Maisy to get new homes; MINKY; SCRATCHER; GILLY; Pictures: MICK GELL, BOB BARCLAY; MAISY
With this in mind, the Columbus Itch Scratcher has been conceived.
But Cat Scratcher disappears from view and a ripping noise is heard from a bedroom.