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The Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy by Coastal Pet Products includes a spinning ball, non-skid feet and scratch pad with catnip included.
"We're hoping that can turn the corner over the next couple of days really but if not its looks like we're going to have to investigate more really because its a little bit of a head scratcher at the minute.
That is when I picked up my back scratcher and tried to hit him." Joyce hit her head in a scuffle but she managed to push the intruder out, although he took her bag.
But the pensioner stood her ground and eventually sent him packing when she picked up the back scratcher and chased him with it.
"Showing others you are stressed could benefit both the scratcher and those watching, because both parties can then avoid conflict," researcher Jamie Whitehouse said in a statement from the ( University of Portsmouth .
said the cardboard cat scratcher "is virtually identical to" one that Cat Claws has a trademark for, according to a civil suit filed in U.S.
Illegal tattooing by unregistered tattooists, or "scratchers", can result in scarring, infections and increase the risk of blood-borne infections such as HIV and hepatitis B.
The KONG Incline Scratcher is a practical cat scratcher made from renewable and recyclable resources.
Scratcher, the only alien who can communicate in English, said: "I like Arabic musica.
Today, STV, 9.30pm STV haven't been shy to axe big-name programmes in favour of more Scottish fl avoured shows so showing James Corden's World Cup Live is a head scratcher. Th e comedian and model Abby Clancy, girlfriend of England striker Peter Crouch, will - quite rightly - be fl ying the St George's fl ag but does a Scottish audience really want to see it after every World Cup game on STV?
By the Numbers, Lincecum Contract a Head Scratcher (