screen dump

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screen dump

[′skrēn ‚dəmp]
(computer science)
The printing of everything that appears on a computer screen.
The printed copy that results from this action.
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screen capture

Copying all or part of the current screen into an image that can be printed or saved as a file. Knowing how to screen capture is essential. For example, when printing a Web page from a browser, the underlying code in that page may cause it to print in a jumbled manner. However, a captured screen always prints the way it looks because a single image is printed, and the original text, images, sidebars and ads on that Web page are no longer separate elements. See bitmapped graphics and printer friendly format.

A screen capture is sometimes the only way to print what is desired. But not only Web pages; snippets of anything on screen can be extracted and printed or saved to a file for future reference. See selection print.

Capturing the Screen in Windows and Mac
Windows has keyboard commands to copy the screen into the clipboard, which is then pasted into an imaging program such as Paint in order to print it (see Win Print screen). Starting with Windows 7, a stand-alone Snippit utility has been included, allowing the user to select the area of the screen to capture.

Mac keyboard commands copy the screen either to the clipboard or to a newly created file on the desktop (see Mac screen capture). For both platforms, there are third-party capture programs, and some offer sophisticated editing tools.

Capture Beyond the Screen
Screen capture software may offer sophisticated capabilities. While the index on the left side of this Encyclopedia's Windows app was manually scrolled, TechSmith's Snagit ( captured the content.
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It works as shown in Figure 5--a screen dump from a virtual scope--because of the timing of the R-S latch drive signals.
As an example, Figure 5 depicts a series of screen dumps of the feedback that students receive while building the second quantitative model.
Figure 3 is a screen dump from the ADC-1 control program.
PHOTO : Figure 1 Screen Dump from Cor-Sur saved with Snipper and printed with WordPerfect
A screen dump of this project has been used on the cover of this edition.
Based on an Atmel ATXMEGA32A4U microprocessor, the Xprotolab Portable can connect to a PC's USB port for charging the built-in 600mAh battery or for external control or screen dumps. The built-in graphic 1.3” OLED shows waveforms on its 128x64 pixel display.
Also provided was a clear and concise User Guide in PDF format, making full use of screen dumps and offering advice for use.
(The CD-ROM accompanying the first volume is simply to provide easy access to palaces.) In both books, although they are illustrated with screen dumps, it is sometimes difficult to understand the point the writer is making without access to the e-text.
The interface also allows for detailed analysis that includes buffer zones to parcels with mailing label generation, soils by parcel, screen dumps for maps, or plotter generated map products and printouts of tax listing information by parcel.
Screens, also called screen dumps or screen shots, allow readers to see what the software is supposed to look like before, during, and after they use it.
The pictures shown above are simple screen dumps so that you can see the figure generated in the construction environment.
Printouts are simple screen dumps that can be sent to Epson-compatible dot-matrix printers but not to ink-jet or laser printers.