screen sharing

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• Application and web screen sharing - entire screen or selected application (co-browsing)
It supports persistent messaging and team chat, file sharing and task assignment and ad hoc and scheduled meetings, with audio/video conferencing, and screen sharing. And its mobile-first top-of-mind screen provides at-a-glance visibility to everything you need in real time and the ability to respond with a single touch.
It is unclear when the screen sharing feature will arrive for all users on Android and iOS.
As it is for Paul Marrella, a wealth manager at Marrella Financial Group LLC in Wyomissing, who uses screen sharing in his work with clients.
Tampa, FL, July 17, 2018 -- TeamViewer[R], a leading global software provider for IoT, connectivity, monitoring, support and team collaboration, has extended its integration with Microsoft Intune to now include remote iOS device screen sharing to facilitate improved remote support.
Each transaction is expected to generate recurring service and commission revenue from customers' use of the Company's Yunfa advertising distribution system and Taoping Net/ App ad screen sharing platform.
I wish that screen sharing and video recording are supported in 12.1.
TeamOne also delivers voice calling, video conferencing and screen sharing in that same place.
The quality module offers comprehensive management reports for peer review, while the communication module enhances collaboration through use of chat capabilities, alerts, and screen sharing for radiologists, technologists, and onsite physicians.
Callers can annotate content thanks to the finger-touch and dual-pen compatibility, while content and even screen sharing from smartphones, tablets and laptops is easy."
MegaPath has enhanced features and designs to MegaPath One unified communications solution, including SMS Text and Screen Sharing by external guests.