screen wall

screen wall

A movable or fixed device, especially a framed construction designed to divide, conceal, or protect, but not to support.

serpentine wall

A wall with a plan in the shape of a wavy line with alternating arcs of circles.

shear wall

A wall that resists shear forces in its own plane due to wind or earthquake forces.

spandrel wall

A wall built on the extrados of an arch, filling the spandrels.
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pierced wall, perforated wall, screen wall

A nonbearing masonry wall in which an ornamental pierced effect is achieved by alternating rectangular or shaped blocks with open spaces.

screen wall

A screen of some solidity as differing from one which is pierced, esp. in the intercolumniations of a colonnade. Also see pierced wall.
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A new steel canopy and glass screen wall at the entrance unify the buildings in function, security and appearance.
Passing thresholds that draw lines between life and death, most are reduced to silence before being confronted by the imposing granite screen wall. A structure that in its relief recalls the blood spilt and the familiar patina of bullet-peppered walls.
So, while the facades are somewhat over adorned with at least six different surface treatments (from base to roof: concrete, timber, ceramic, glass, galbarium steel plate and render), internally more restraint exists with plaster walls and stone floors providing a quieter backdrop for the richness of the teak screen wall and balcony.
Set against the rigour of the orthogonal storage areas, the foyer offers a dramatically dynamic sequence of entrance and circulation areas, as residual spaces between the angular white screen wall, balcony edges and staircase contort and taper, rise and fall.
The clan's society wants to create external access stairs and carry out repairs to a stone screen wall, burial chamber and entrance piers.
These include salvaged bricks from various buildings, a reassembled concrete screen wall from the high school quad, floral wall panels and concrete benches.
Gaborone North MP also wanted to know who put up a screen wall in such plots and with whose authority and the status of such plots, which amounted to over 20 hectares of land.
block long facade is bisected by a perforated aluminum screen wall, engineered and fabricated by MetalTech-USA of Peachtree City, GA.
Spector's design for the downtown loft featured an Erwin Hauer modular screen wall of cast gypsum cement panels, faux concrete Viroc feature wall, ceilings with recessed lighting, and an ecosmart fireplace.
Next the children were taken to the very heart of operations and got to see the 'screen wall' where all Monarch planes are monitored.