screw auger

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1. A hand-held carpenter’s tool for boring holes in wood, similar to, but larger than, a gimlet; has a long steel bit usually not larger than 1 in. (25 mm) in diameter.
2. A rotary drill, usually powered, for cutting circular holes in earth or rock.
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The Muskegon company visited Griffin Claw to take a look at the brewery's equipment, which included a screw auger and mash filter.
The anchor agitator with helical flights and the screw auger agitator work in tandem to promote efficient product turnover while bringing air pockets to the surface; two saw-tooth high speed disperser blades impart shear for fast powder wet-out and thorough deagglomeration.
Then it goes to a feeding box with three paddles and a screw auger at the bottom, which feeds into a 300-mm-diam.
The top stuffer includes a stainless steel hopper with three feed openings, a stainless steel single screw auger with removable stirrer arm and a variable speed drive.
With this system a small, continuous stream of sand is withdrawn by a screw auger. The sand is aerated and moves down a vibratory trough.