screw auger

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1. A hand-held carpenter’s tool for boring holes in wood, similar to, but larger than, a gimlet; has a long steel bit usually not larger than 1 in. (25 mm) in diameter.
2. A rotary drill, usually powered, for cutting circular holes in earth or rock.
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Then it goes to a feeding box with three paddles and a screw auger at the bottom, which feeds into a 300-mm-diam.
The top stuffer includes a stainless steel hopper with three feed openings, a stainless steel single screw auger with removable stirrer arm and a variable speed drive.
With this system a small, continuous stream of sand is withdrawn by a screw auger.
Hard-to-feed material can be introduced either by ram stuffer or screw auger to force-feed materials at the extruder throat, or through a side-arm addition where the material is metered into the molten polymer stream beyond the extruder's melting section.