screw nail

drivescrew, screw nail

A type of metal fastener; a helically threaded nail, driven with a hammer; has a higher withdrawal resistance than a nail with a plain shank; some types may be removed with a screwdriver.
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There are a variety of intramedullary nail options, including the Kirschner nail, Push nail, Steinmann nail, Hagie nail, Knowles nail, Rockwood nail, elastic intramedullary nail (elastic stable intramedullary nail [ESIN]), and intramedullary screw nail [Figure 3], [Figure 4] and [Figure 5].
A search of the body had revealed a small copy of the Koran, a French passport, a Pakistan International Airlines ticket, some Pakistani and Afghan currency, two calcium tablets and a screw nail.
Screw nails will be galvanized and 3" in length, 3" nails wherever a plank is attached to a post.