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see testistestis
or testicle
, one of a pair of glands that produce the male reproductive cells, or sperm. In fetal life the testes develop in the abdomen, then descend into an external sac, the scrotum.
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a musculocutaneous, sacciform structure in man and most viviparous mammals. In man a septum divides the scrotum into two halves, each of which contains a testis and epididymis, as well as the scrotal section of a spermatic cord. The scrotum is composed of several distinct layers: the skin, the dartos, several fasciae, and a muscular layer. The scrotum develops during the third month of pregnancy.


The pouch containing the testes.


the pouch of skin containing the testes in most mammals
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Caption: Figure 2: Opened scrotal sac with the exposed testicle (T) and enlarged and nodular epididymis (E).
An abnormality of the contour of the testis is considered indirect evidence of testicular rupture in the case of a large extratesticular haematocoele or a large scrotal wall hematoma that may obscure the site of tunical disruption [9].
Occasionally, these nodules detach from the tunical surface giving rise to scrotal pearls and floaters in tunical space [1].
Physicians should not hesitate to perform emergency surgery if the cause of scrotal pain cannot be determined with confidence.
A 25-year-old man presented to the ER with a painful lump in the right scrotal region for one day.
Given the time-dependent impact of testicular torsion, it is important that providers, including nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who care for children, be aware of the clinical presentation and have a high index of suspicion when triaging and evaluating a male child with scrotal pain.
Genetic parameters and relationships between growth traits and scrotal circumference measured at different ages in Nellore cattle.
Physical examination was used to identify any palpable abnormalities of the scrotal contents, inguinal region, or the local musculoskeletal structures (adductor tendons, conjoint tendon, etc.).
Patient was initially started on IV Vancomycin for sepsis, scrotal elevation, glucose control with basal-bolus insulin, and local wound management.
where [Y.sub.i] is the testicular weights (TW), testicular diameter (TD), testicular length (TL), testicular volume (TV), and epididymal weights (EW); [X.sub.1], ..., [X.sub.n] are the body condition, scrotal circumference, and body weight; [B.sub.0] is the intercept; [B.sub.1], ..., [B.sub.n] are the multiple regression coefficients of the independent variables [X.sub.1], ..., [X.sub.n].
Scrotal elephantiasis associated with hidradenitis suppurativa.
Urethroperineal or scrotal fistula is a known complication of a periurethral abscess.