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see English units of measurementEnglish units of measurement,
principal system of weights and measures used in a few nations, the only major industrial one being the United States. It actually consists of two related systems—the U.S.
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an obsolete unit of apothecaries’ weight, equal to 1/3 dram or 20 grains. The Russian apothecaries’ scruple was equal to 1.244 g; according to the English system of measures, one scruple was equal to 1.296 g.


A unit of mass in apothecaries' measure, equal to 20 grains or to 1.2959782 grams.


1. a unit of weight equal to 20 grains (1.296 grams)
2. an ancient Roman unit of weight equivalent to approximately one twenty-fourth of an ounce
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Never can we deny the other, those of other religious scruples or who oppose religious scruples, their right to believe as they wish and preach as they think fit.
In other words, scruples were an extreme type of spiritual terror.
I loved watching Dallas, Dynasty, The Colbys and Falcon Crest with my gran and reading Scruples bought back happy memories of when we would revel at the American glamour.
The MoD's redundancy policy is without morals, scruples or even common sense.
He should have been dismissed immediately by any club with any scruples or respect for families watching the game.
Rapping Justice Khawaja Sharif, if he had scruples, he would have come to Aiwan-e-Adl on foot to save the black coats from police highhandedness
That will maybe only cost them a grand a skull but it's nice to know the odd player still has some scruples.
While IOM's concerns about undue influence of industry on research and physicians' autonomy are valid, it seems ironic that physicians have come under such intense scrutiny when our elected officials so often prove that they are without scruples when it comes to voting on issues which affect many lives and fortunes ("IOM Issues Report to Curb Conflicts of Interest," June 2009, p.
Most of our MPs may be starved of intellect, scruples and a genuine work ethic - but when it comes to pay packets, they have some of the fattest in the land.
Our protagonist is one of these terrible creatures, but he has empathy and scruples.
A PRACTISED conman whose victims included his own parents is behind bars after a judge branded him a professional fraudster who was without scruples.
Here, Zimbardo weaves together mounting evidence that good people can abandon their moral scruples (hence the allusion to the angel Lucifer, who was transformed into Satan).