scupper drain

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scupper, 2
1. An opening in a wall or parapet that allows water to drain from a roof.
2. A device placed in such an opening to prevent clogging of the drain.
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The concrete decks must be prepared and pitched correctly towards the scupper drains. A new concrete waterproofing system shall be installed over the concrete flat roofs.
Roof sealing work consisting in the refurbishment of the Three Mountain School in Knetzgau - Remove and discard vapor barrier / emergency sealing;- Height adjustment;- Elastomer bitumen vapor barrier membrane in hot bitumen;- Flat roof insulation and slope insulation;- Roofing, base in hot bitumen, top sheet welding track;- Flat roof construction on trapezoidal sheet metal;- Dome light;- Flat roof drains / scupper drains;- Attica covers;- Dachbekiesung.
The roof water is supplied via scupper drains the new Rigolenversickerungen.