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key plate, escutcheon, 1
1. A protective plate surrounding the keyhole of a door, a light switch, etc.; also called a scutcheon.
2. A flange on a pipe, used to cover a hole in a floor through which the pipe passes.
3. A protective or ornamental cover at the termination of a post, picket, or rail against a tread, floor, or wall.
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a rebuke to your rising,--a stain in your blood,--a blot on your scutcheon,--a rent in your garment, a death's head at your banquet,.
Lindley complained of "the slaughter of some 300 Taipings who made no reply whatever to the dastardly fire of men, who upon that day inflicted an indelible stain upon their nation's scutcheon.
Drawing upon his World War II experiences as a bombardier, Heller plunges the reader into a world in which generals cheerfully send men to be slaughtered, officers lie and steal, whores become heroines, and, as Falstaff puts it in a similar context, "Honor is a mere scutcheon.
William III, we hear, was descended of illustrious noble ancestors, but he graciously "contemned the Pride of Scutcheon Praise" and made himself a national hero by supplementing his "Glorious Line" with "Personal Virtue" (11:254); Queen Anne, similarly, "Preserves Her Honour with the Nation's Trust" (11:21, 32).
26 Most puzzling among these is a notice from The Kingdom's Intelligencer, 20 April 1663, whereby Zachariah Watkins offers a reward for the return of a 'Theorbo-Lute, (in a Case lined with green bays) small rib'd, purfled, flat backt, with three Roses on the belly, and upon the head a Scutcheon markt with HL, and newly strung'.