sea pink

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sea pink:

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, common name for the Plumbaginaceae, a family of perennial herbs and shrubs usually found in semiarid regions, especially of the Mediterranean area and Central Asia. Several species—e.g.
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We decided to leave that to the crabs and sure enough, sitting on the quay among sea pinks and bluebells, we got our first bite.
It rushes in, flooding fields of salt-resistant wildflowers called sea pinks.
Among those being investigated by Molecular Nature are bluebells, dandelions, daffodils, wood anemones and sea pinks, all of which are rich in potentially useful chemicals.
SEA PINKS - WATERCOURSE One of the most prolific bands in the country - this is their sixth album since forming in 2010.
POTTED plants such as spiky-leaved cordylines and ornamental grasses I along with tiny pots of sea pinks and sea holly I are used to soften the
Hybrids: Armeria, the thrifts and sea pinks are hardy types, seen left are Bees Hybrids from Thompson & Morgan.
Anyway, to celebrate all that's good, the Northern Ireland Music Prize has shortlisted 12 albums by bands ranging from the late great Bap Kennedy to the awesome Sea Pinks. The awards night is November 11 and, as is now a fine old tradition itself, an old hand is honoured with the Oh Yeah Legend Award.
The artist was captivated by the small island during summer months when it was surrounded by a garden of sea pinks and many other flowers.