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sea pink:

see leadwortleadwort
, common name for the Plumbaginaceae, a family of perennial herbs and shrubs usually found in semiarid regions, especially of the Mediterranean area and Central Asia. Several species—e.g.
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The list in full: Arborist Home Burial, Arvo Party Arvo Party, Bap Kennedy Reckless Heart The Divine Comedy Foreverland Gross Net Quantitative Easing Hannah Peel Awake But Always Dreaming, Invaderband Invaderband, Joshua Burnside Ephrata, Malojian This Is Nowhere, Our Krypton Son Fleas & Diamonds, Robocobra Quartet Music For All Occasions, Sea Pinks Watercourse.
- LOFi Is A Songbird Every Silence Days Shortlist in full The Bonnevilles - Arrow Pierce My Heart Ciaran Lavery - Let Bad In David C Clements - The Longest Day In History Documenta - Drone Pop #1 exmagician - Scan The Blue Foy Vance - The Wild Swan Girls Names - Arms Around A Vision Jealous of the Birds - Parma Violets Michael Mormecha - LOFi LiFE Ports - The Devil Is A Songbird Ryan Vail - For Every Silence Sea Pinks - Soft Days
Unashamedly retrospective, Cursing The Sea sounds like it could have been on the original C86 tape but then music is cyclical and they are but one of an army of fey shoegazers holding us in their thrall these days Fans of Lush, The Joy Formidable and our own favs Sea Pinks will surely dig September Girls - and they play the Menagerie, Belfast, tomorrow night.
Delighted to see relative newbies Little Bear, Ryan Vail, Sea Pinks, David C Clements and Go Wolf alongside the more established.
Sea Pinks Magpie Eyes M i E The best of the 60s' psychedelia with 80s' indie-pop mashed together by an instantly likeable Belfast four-piece.
It's the consummate pairing to the film with the cast and crew, Terri himself and, no doubt, a smattering of the old heads who made the scene what it was, getting down to some of the best new alternative music Northern Ireland has to offer including Girls Names, Documenta, Sea Pinks and Soaks.
Sea Pinks are an interesting prospect as kings of surf pop while completing the bill is SOAK, who I'd managed to not mention for...oh, almost a month!
The Belfast-based trio - and their alter-ego Sea Pinks - are purveyors of lusciously lo-fi indie gems that hark back to the days of C86.