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sea robin:

see sculpinsculpin,
common name for a member of the superfamily Cottoidea, bizarre fishes with large, spiny or armored heads and short, tapering bodies, found in both marine and freshwater habitats. The sculpins include species known as muddlers (i.e.
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The Sea Robin headed back north as the sun began to set.
Tubino (1999) performed an analysis of the distribution and feeding ecology of the three sea robin species off Cabo Frio (23[degrees]S).
Top with two sea robin fillets and garnish with fried okra
But the Sea Robin modification ran into trouble in the case involving Shell Offshore and Transco, the parent company of Williams Midstream Gas and Liquids.
I caught a sea robin once, a prehistoric-looking thing with a spiny, rock-hard exterior that made a lot of noise when you unhooked it.
The Court of Appeals' call for clarification was based on FERC's refusal to deem an offshore pipeline spun off by Sea Robin to be a gathering line.
PALMER - Three alumni of the USS Sea Robin traveled hundreds of miles yesterday to see their popular shipmate, Lionel "Benny" Benoit, alive and well.
The FERC tried to account for the post-Order 636 environment when it revised the primary function test in a 2000 case involving Sea Robin. The commission modified the primary function test to de-emphasize the "behind-the-plant" factor, and instead assess the physical configuration of pipeline systems to determine if there is a central location where gas is aggregated.
That partnership also owns a 20% interest in the Sea Robin Gas Processing Plant in Louisiana.
Two additional connecting pipelines, both less than four miles long, convey the natural gas to the existing Bluewater and Sea Robin Pipelines for transport to shore.
closed on the acquisition of Sea Robin Pipeline Company from El Paso Energy Corp.
for $386.3 million and CMS Energy will buy the Sea Robin Pipeline Co.