sea snake

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sea snake,

name for any of the venomous marine snakessnake,
common name for an elongated, limbless reptile of the order Squamata, which also includes the xlizards. Most snakes live on the ground, but some are burrowers, arboreal, or aquatic; one group is exclusively marine. In temperate climates they hibernate.
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 of the family Hydrophidae, found in tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. The sea snake's body is flattened laterally and its oarlike tail is used as a scull. A specialized lung and nostrils with valves enable it to remain submerged for periods of up to 8 hr. Most species are dark above and lighter below, or ringed with black and grayish green. They feed on small fish and are preyed upon by sea birds, sharks, and larger fish. Their potent venom quickly immobilizes their prey; however, they are not aggressive and rarely strike at humans when caught. Most sea snakes are completely marine and lack the enlarged ventral scales that enable land snakes to grip the ground. These snakes bear live young at sea. Most inhabit the shallow waters of the Indonesian region, but the common sea snake, Pelamis platurus, ranges from Madagascar E to Mexico and is sometimes found swarming by the thousands in open ocean. It is black or dark brown above and yellow below and grows up to 3 ft (90 cm) long. A few sea snake species leave the water to lay eggs on coral reefs. These snakes have ventral plates like those of land snakes. Sea snakes are classified in the phylum ChordataChordata
, phylum of animals having a notochord, or dorsal stiffening rod, as the chief internal skeletal support at some stage of their development. Most chordates are vertebrates (animals with backbones), but the phylum also includes some small marine invertebrate animals.
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, subphylum Vertebrata, class Reptilia, order Squamata, family Hydrophidae.
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Blanche D'Anastasi, a sea snake researcher at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, travels to remote regions like Exmouth Gulf, on the country's northwest coast, to find sea snakes in the wild.
These include: Blue-lipped sea krait (Eguchi and Eguchi, 2002), Indian cobra (Naqvi et al., 1994), Black-banded sea krait (Eguchi and Eguchi, 2003), Small-headed sea snake (Islam et al., 1990), Indigo snake (Stoeckelhuber et al., 2005) and Indian Python (Gorr et al., 1998).
While there have been no recorded fatalities from sea snake bites in Australian waters, the availability of a specific antivenene has almost certainly saved a number of lives, highlighted in 1979 when a two-year-old child was bitten by a sea snake at Yeppoon in central Queensland.
Number (percentage) of practitioners in each response group Type of Would Would never venomous consider consider Did not creature treating treating answer Redback spider 17 (48.6%) 1 (2.9%) 17 (48.6%) Funnel web spider 13 (37.1%) 4 (11.4) 18 (51.4%) White tail spider 5 (14.3%) 1 (2.9%) 29 (82.9%) Tiger snake 13 (37.1%) 5 (14.3%) 17 (48.6%) Brown snake 13 (37.1%) 5 (14.3%) 17 (48.6%) Taipan 12 (34.3%) 6 (17.1%) 17 (48.6%) Black snake 12 (34.3%) 6 (17.1%) 17 (48.6%) Death adder 12 (34.3%) 6 (17.1%) 17 (48.6%) Sea Snake 12 (34.3%) 6 (17.1%) 17 (48.6%) Bee 8 (22.9%) 0 27 (77.1%) Hornet 16 (45.7%) 0 19 (54.3%) Wasp 9 (25.7%) 0 26 (74.3%) Table 3.
For example, large sea snake species are usually longer-lived and populations recover slowly from increased mortality.
The octopus can ape at least three critters--the flatfish, lionfish, and sea snake, Tregenza's team claims.
A poisonous sea snake that disappeared late last month from a fish tank in a display at an exhibition in a Yamagata Prefecture village was caught alive Friday in the room where the tank was placed, village officials said.
(Crocodilian) (Crocodilian) (Crocodilian) Tuscahomaophis Tallahattaophis (1 strange sea snake) (1 strange sea snake) Palaeophis Palaeophis (3 sea snake species) (1 sea snake species) Clayton Fauna, Jim Woodruff.
Size and proportion relationship between the beaked sea snake and its prey.