sealing sleeve

compression coupling

A coupling used to connect sections of hubless pipe (i.e., pipe without a hub), acid-resistant cast-iron pipe, or glass-pipe; consists of an inner elastomeric gasket and an outer metallic sleeve, with an integral bolt used to tighten and compress the seal.
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With a temperature rating of 200[degrees]C, the splice combines a nickel-plated copper crimp barrel with a separate, heat-shrinkable, transparent sealing sleeve that provides strain relief and environmental protection.
The collet and sealing sleeve must be changed for different diameter ranges.
A melt seal is achieved directly at the gate by placing sealing sleeves around the tips: the nozzle body itself is not surrounded by melt.
5 piece wall openings for house connections of TGA - establish routes, on site supplied sealing sleeves / protective tubes (packages) Load and set in concrete.
By placing special sealing sleeves around the tips, a melt seal is realised directly at the gate.
The first industrial application of memory alloys occurred in 1969, when they were used in the coupling and sealing sleeves of hydraulic pipes made by Raychem Corp.
Lot 3 - Insulation and sealing sleeves fastening PAK- 68I - 400 000.
Contract award: supply of insulation and sealing sleeves fastening pak-68i.