seam roll

hollow roll

A type of joint (between two sheets of metal roofing) in the direction of maximum slope of the roof; the two pieces are turned up at the joint and then bent to form a hollow cylindrical roll.
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That includes using a press cloth to prevent burning the fabric, using a seam roll to prevent seam edges from bleeding to the right side and laying a bath towel on the ironing board to protect the nap on the right side of the fabric.
A seam roll is a firm, cylindrical tool used for pressing open seams.
Use a seam roll to easily press open hard-to-reach pillow seams.
Press over a soft seam roll or ham to prevent seam imprinting on the right side or shine from over-pressing.
The anomalies, such as clay veins/dikes, coal seam rolls, hillseams/mountain seams, joints/faults, kettle bottoms, and sandstone channels, are larger in size and oftentimes easily recognizable.