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VD9sZvmSxSE) The Pirate Bay Gets Custom Search Box With Autocomplete On Google
As you type each character into the search box, two things happen in real time:
Guided by these considerations, we decided to start with the second option--building a simple search box inside the library's homepage using the simple API (see Figure 1 and Figure 2).
By adhering to the "paradigm of the search box," Semantra is making the promise of business intelligence come true, Aufricht says.
org and type Product Code 0108040426 into the search box.
With Infoseek Quickseek, users go directly to the search box next to the directory buttons on their browser, type in a key word or question, and get an immediate response to their query.
Blekko's Live Link Roll Assures that SEO Is Being Done By the Rules; Embeddable Search Box Helps Publishers Create Search Verticals
The separate search box in browsers of old now remains only in Firefox.
However, recently the new sitelinks section by Google offers a custom search box for The Pirate Bay.
Users can now quickly open lists by simply typing the name into the search box.
Not the company, but the search box on its home page, that is.
The best designs offer a simple search box on the home page and play down advanced search and scoping.