search field

search field

[′sərch ‚fēld]
(computer science)
A field in a record or segment whose value is examined in a search.
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search box

A rectangular field on screen that accepts typed-in text in order to look up something or launch a search. A search box is also called a "search bar" or "search field." See search engine and query.

Encyclopedia Search Boxes
These are the search boxes for this encyclopedia on our website (top) and the Windows version (bottom).

The Browser Search Box
All Web browsers include a search box where either a Web address (URL) or a query are typed in. See address bar.
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Astronomers, volunteers and students had to sift through terabytes of telescope data across a vast search field to locate the capsule. 
When one searches for Alarm Volume in the Google Search field, the option shows up with a slider to adjust the volume level.
Tap a couple of key words into a Twitter search field and watch the results fill the screen: a scrolling catalogue of anti-Twitter invective, tweet after tweet proclaiming the platform a cesspool, a garbage fire, a "hellsite." Twitter, it's said, is corroding public discourse, spreading lies and hate, hastening our descent into illiberalism.
While the firm's roots are in the executive search field, CCY will continue to strengthen its consultant services.
"When you have text selected and open the find dialog we will automatically populate the search field with the selected text," it added.
Just by entering the phone number into the search field of the website, the user could find information about the caller which includes their up-to-date contact information, criminal records, and much more.
To use a "Plus Code", users need to simply enter it into the Search field on Google or Google Maps, mobile or desktop, which will instantly show a location.
The search field Abstracts searches abstracts at the chapter level specially created for OSO.
From here they enter the name of the old pump into the Quick Search field or alternatively, they can enter the pump name and other data into the Classic Search field.
It's called Best Korea's Social Network" and the homepage has a thin blue banner at the top with a search field for people, #hashtags, !groups."After you register for an account, you can upload a cover photo and profile picture, find friends and message them, post a status message and scroll through a News Feed.
In present article several tools for efficient search are discussed, like Boolean operators (AND", OR", NOT"), filters, search field tags, use of MeSH terms, wildcard ( ") and search with key words.
For those with a specific mission, the search field easily directs visitors to specific content.

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