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search warrant,

in law, written order by an official of a court authorizing an officer to search in a specified place for specified objects and to seize them if found. The objects sought may be stolen goods or physical evidences of the commission of crime (e.g., narcotics). The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, provides, in effect, that a search warrant may be issued only on oath or affirmation that a crime was probably committed. In Mapp v. OhioMapp v. Ohio,
case decided in 1961 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Dollree Mapp was convicted in a state court of possessing pornographic material in violation of Ohio law. Her conviction was obtained on the basis of evidence taken by the police when they entered (1957) her
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 (1961) the U.S. Supreme Court mandated states to exclude from trial evidence obtained in illegal searches, such as those without a proper warrant. This "exclusionary rule" has been the subject of great controversy and subsequent litigation. In recent years, the Supreme Court has narrowed the scope of the rule, in many circumstances permitting the introduction of any evidence gathered in "good faith." Courts have ruled that wiretaps, use of a thermal-imaging device to examine a private home from a public street, and tracking a person's movements with a global positioning system device constitute searches that require warrants. Warrants are not required for the gathering of evidence in some circumstances. These exceptions include evidence gathered after a lawful arrest, inspections by customs or border officials, searches made with the suspect's consent, searches of items in plain view, and searches of the belongings of secondary students on school property.
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search warrant

a written order issued by a justice of the peace authorizing a constable or other officer to enter and search premises for stolen goods, drugs, etc.
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The 12-year-old also told detectives her father said he had to punch her mother "in the bridge of the nose to stop her," according to search warrant affidavits.
Marilyn Bishop, defending, said: 'My client was not connected to the search warrant and it was unlucky for him that he was in the area at the time.
Illinois, (23) a case involving the execution of a search warrant at a public tavern.
It stressed that "a search warrant may be issued only if there is probable cause in connection with a specific offense alleged in an application based on the personal knowledge of the applicant and his witnesses as this is the substantive requirement for the issuance of a search warrant."
They are Lilian Marte, who was the subject of the search warrant, Daniel Castillo and Viel Anjoe Somidos.
Fred Lewis has said that in Smalwood's case, the data, content and information on his mobile could be accessed and searched by the law enforcing agencies only after a search warrant is issued.
Superintendent Dave Byrne said: "We acted on information to execute a search warrant and an amount of drugs have been recovered.
Officers served a state search warrant at 26671 Pickens Road after an investigation of nearly a month.
The search warrant, dated August 15, 2019, was issued by Judge Kasan Abdulrakman of the Regional Trial Court, 12th Judicial Region, Branch 27, Cotabato City.
An alias Manoy, who was the subject of the search warrant, was still at large.
DALLAS * Dallas police executed search warrants at three sites in the Dallas Diocese May 15, saying the process was an extension of their ongoing investigation of sexual abuse allegations into five current or former priests, including one accused of sexually abusing at least three minors and who is believed to have fled the country to his native Philippines.
Because the chief's office issues press credentials, the union alleged that Scott knew Carmody was a journalist and did not disclose that fact to the sergeant who wrote the search warrant.

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