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see motion sicknessmotion sickness,
waves of nausea and vomiting experienced by some people, resulting from the sudden changes in movement of a vehicle. The ailment is also known as seasickness, car sickness, train sickness, airsickness, and swing sickness.
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a disease state that arises as a result of the effect of rolling on the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear. The principal manifestations are a feeling of sickness, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Seasickness is suffered by most people who are making a sea voyage for the first time when there is considerable rolling. The proportion of people who are not subject to seasickness is small (6-8 percent). Drugs are not very effective. Fresh air, a recumbent position, location as close as possible to the middle, more stable part of the ship, and Aeron (one or two tablets) are recommended when the symptoms of seasickness appear, and also as preventive measures.


Motion sickness occurring at sea. Also known as pelagism.
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The best help against seasickness that I know is a combination of nondrowsy, over-the-counter Bonine (meclozine) taken in conjunction with a prescribed transdermal patch of scopolamine, worn like a bandage on the bare skin behind an earlobe and jaw bone.
If these stories give you the impression that skippers take seasickness seriously, you'd be right, especially in a race as prestigious as the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race, now in its 67th year.
Take ginger tablets as a prevention for seasickness.
NEW YORK: A woman who set out with her boyfriend on a 1,000-day sailing trip has abandoned the quest about one-third of the way through, saying she was plagued by seasickness.
Seasickness occurs because your inner ear's sense of balance and equilibrium is disrupted by the boat's motion.
Darwin was very prone to seasickness, so he got off the Beagle and onto dry land whenever he could.
On our cruise, everyone was fine during the day, but a fair number of passengers suffered seasickness at night.
Stories and reflections range from how to buy a used boat and how to navigate by the seaweed line to how to bring on seasickness and how to survive in a lifeboat.
1 aboard a handmade boat, the 70-year-old photographer anchored the vessel some 30 kilometers off the coast around midnight due to fever and seasickness.
In addition to seeing dolphins and whales on the six-hour trip to Carriacou from the mainland, she experienced seasickness.
He said the company wasn't liable for seasickness and I told him it was because of the recooked vegetables that he had got ill and he said no-one else had complained and 300 people had eaten them so it was probably seasickness and that perhaps we shouldn't have booked a holiday on a ship if my husband got seasick and I told him we'd saved up for years to come on this trip and it's like a second honeymoon.