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1 City (1990 pop. 38,901), Monterey co., W Calif., on Monterey Bay, in a fruit region; founded 1887, inc. 1954. Its economy is based largely upon tourism. California State Univ. Monterey Bay is there, on the former site of Fort Ord.

2 Planned resort community, Walton co., NW Fla., on the Gulf of Mexico. Designed by architect-planners Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, authors (with Jeff Speck) of the pro-planning, anti-sprawl Suburban Nation (2000), Seaside was built in the mid-1980s according to neotraditional 19th-century house-construction and community-layout principles, with the aim of fostering social interaction. In contrast to the condominium towers, malls, and general overdevelopment of the Panhandle's "Redneck Riviera," Seaside is the pioneering landmark of the "New Urbanism," its houses and facilities designed by various contemporary architects, its streets traveled by pedestrian and bicycle traffic. While many have praised Seaside's architectural excellence, other have criticized its sterility and lack of organic spontaneity.

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a. any area bordering on the sea, esp one regarded as a resort
b. (as modifier): a seaside hotel
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Bacta said: "For these communities tourism is a vital industry, and government policies must allow for tourism to thrive, preserve traditional seaside landscapes and provide investment and infrastructures for local businesses to encourage more visitors."
"I do think seaside tourism operators have been neglected over several years, partially because we are a small group.
John White, CEO at Bacta said: "The British seaside continues to be a magnet for tourism and an economic engine for coastal communities.
"Seaside amusements are a quintessential part of British culture dating back to before WWI and this campaign is about preserving Britain's history of seaside fun for future generations to enjoy.
"Seaside Family Entertainment Centres (FECs) are an important part of coastal communities, providing essential income for families, but also preserving our heritage."
To safeguard the future of seaside tourism and ensure the Siding with Seaside campaign initiatives are a priority, bacta will be touring seaside towns and meeting local MPs to fasttrack support from government.
"The British public want to enjoy the British seaside and those living in coastal communities want a thriving economy.
I met three-year-old Sebastian, on his first UK seaside holiday there.
"I spent all my holidays in Britain as a kid, I loved the seaside," says his mum, Emma Goodson, 49, joined by husband Carlos Gorman, 47.
"At the British seaside you get something you don't get elsewhere - the quirkiness, a pint of prawns, people having fun even if it's windy or raining.
The BHA believes that the appointment of a Seaside Tsar and our other initiatives will help our coasts towns to realise their potential."
They provide their customers with over 28 years of experience as well as over 300 properties along Scenic 30A between Blue Mountain, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Seacrest, Rosemary Beach, and Inlet Beach.